Russian Music 1987

After 70 years of the iron curtain and a ban on any music that could sound “Western” to a Russian ear, gradually the first bands appeared trying to sound as Western as they could. Among lots of examples that really are not worthy of being listed here, this one is pretty positive in two ways: it sounds pretty decent even now, and at the same time the band members look dramatic. The audience is worth a look as well.

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  1. Hi all. My barber, my friend, is a Russian. He was a musician in USSR at this time. He has pictures of his band with long hair, I told him: “I didn’t believe such hair was permitted in USSR? He laughed.

  2. That’s not bad! Much like a lot of stuff I listened to back then, like Talk Talk, that first Ministry album that Al won’t admit exists. I think Mall Cop is my favorite.

    • A. Edbom, you seem to know a lot about this band. do you know where I can get a CD or album of this band? ILOVE THIS BAND!!

  3. Could I get a link to a website or something to get more info on the band? As an English speaker only I’m very crippled trying to find more info…

    I love the new wave sort of sound. It reminds me a lot of Talk Talk’s early work.

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