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    • Lenin was a monster? I suspect you are a edgy kid who has no idea of history or some dumbass American.

      Lenin freed the Russian people from complete slavery, he and Trotsky fought hard and stopped Russia from becoming a client slave state of the west in the Civil War and brought in social and economic reforms that turned backwards Russia into a world super power.

      The early USSR under Lenin was nothing like the later USSR you had under Stalin, Khrushchev and others, it was incredibly socially progressive, far more so than even the west at the time. While people in the west debated if women should be allowed to Vote or not, Women in the USSR had 100% full equal rights to men. While Lenin did implement harsh measures, many I don’t agree with (the Gulags) they can easily be explained for at the time, they were under constant attack from Counter-Revolutionaries and foreign forces. Extreme times meant extreme measures to keep them from being wiped off the face of the earth.

      Don’t blame Lenin for the Socially conservative hellhole that came under Stalin or the Corrupt State-Capitalist society that came under Khrushchev. Lenin set in motion for Russia from becoming a nation that didn’t even have enough electricity to light a few lightbulbs for a chart, into a nation that became the most educated on earth, put the first people into space and had a higher life expectancy than the United States.

  1. The soldier comforting the woman should be in a park. It was the Red Army that liberated all Eastern Europe from the nazis. Sadly, Stalin enslaved it later.

    • -“It was the Red Army that liberated all Eastern Europe from the nazis.”

      Not really

    • Red freedom is the finest freedom: you are free from democracy, personal freedom, personal property and safty. Poland must have been bursting with joy when soviet union atac.. I mean arived to bring freedom from east to Poland while it was, fighting nazis in 1939. And the glorious Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact do distribute freedom throughout Eastern Europe… ah, the jou and fun for all the east europeans.

  2. They were always villains. Let Communism’s statues join the ideology they represented right where they belong – in the garbage.

  3. Nice pictures!
    It might be a good theme to develop, photographically speaking.

    I feel shame when I read comments like BH206L3 or Dimitri. Poor Ignorants


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