Classified Eggs


I mean, eggs as classifieds. Recently a new trend appeared in some Russian cities to use the mass chicken egg production as a medium for a short text messages that can instantly reach thousands of people in the city overnight, with a message as clear as it was texted to them by someone.
The reason for this is partially because all eggs in Russia used to be marked with expiry date by special dot printers, one by one, not just a case in bulk. Those dot printers are very easy to program and add anything else besides the exp. date, so they use them to print ads. The pic above features eggs advertising the sale of a “Peugeot” (French brand of cars) and the phone number of the seller.
The one below is about…

As you can see it is about “The Prodigy” concert that took place not long ago in Russia. Was this way of advertising effective or not I can’t say, however since it’s being used again and again there is some results from the ads placed this way.

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