10 The City Built By the Eight Soviet States

The City Built By the Eight Soviet States

Slavutich is located on the territory of the Chernigov region of Ukraine. It owes its existence to the technological
disaster of Chernobyl. Slavutich was the youngest Soviet city built to receive those who were evacuated from Pripyat.
1 Mi 8 Flight Over the Snow Covered City

Mi 8 Flight Over the Snow Covered City

Mi-8 helicopter has been produced since the 1960s being one of the most popular in the world history. According to the number of the produced vehicles it only concedes to light multi-purpose and transport helicopters Bell UH-1 "Iroquois" and "Huey" but still being the most mass produced two-engine helicopter in the world. In general there have been built 12 000 Mi-8 helicopters, 2 000 of them have been exported to more than 40 countries
of the world. Half of them are still being used. One more world record is the number of Mi-8 modifications - there are more than 80 of them - transport, passenger, military, medical, agricultural ones etc. Yes, this model can perform a great number of tasks in different spheres of human activity all over the planet. Today we gonna fly over the snow covered city Surgut on one of such helicopters.
0 The Number of My Car Is 999

The Number of My Car Is 999

Such a conflict recently happened on one
of the roads of a Russian city Omsk.
2 Really Big Origami

Really Big Origami

This big dragon was being made by one person for more than a week. The piece of paper used for the origami was as big as 7x7 meters! Two
hours more were spent for painting the model and set it on its feet. This dragon became the biggest origami ever made in Belarus.
5 Attacking the Imaginary Enemy

Attacking the Imaginary Enemy

We are on the training ground of the Primorye Region of Russia to see how marines of the Pacific Fleet conduct battalion
tactical exercises with live fire. They had to defense "their" coast from sea landing of the imaginary enemy.
1 Pray And Fire!

Pray And Fire!

Some man appeared on the square of Dnepropetrovsk, knelt and started to pray. Then
he stopped praying and started to shout and even to shoot... But see it yourself.

2 The Story of One Russian Armoured Cruiser

The Story of One Russian Armoured Cruiser

"Gromoboi" was an armoured cruiser of the Russian fleet that took part in the Russo-Japanese War and WWI. It was built in St. Petersburg
under the improved project of the cruiser "Russia". Its construction began in 1898, the cruiser was put into service in 1900.

2 What Can Be Done With An Ordinary Satellite Dish?

What Can Be Done With An Ordinary Satellite Dish?

This must be the most creative satellite dish we've ever seen. Make
something like this and everyone will be staring at your window!

1 Hot Bath For the Car

Hot Bath For the Car

We have already shown you what is happening on the roads of Samara. Here's another accident from there: one of the pipes burst and the water flowed past the houses and then
down. The result was a huge hole that appeared near one of the the dwelling houses. Unfortunately for the owner of this Lada Calina - his car was trapped in the hole.

1 The Gray Half Abandoned Mine

The Gray Half Abandoned Mine

We are at the partially abandoned mine which is not very big but interesting
anyway, because it applies mobile equipment, diesel loaders and other vehicles.

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