4 thoughts on “Storm in Sukhumi”

  1. It is a mistake. Photos are not from Sukhumi, but Batumi. Etirely different region – South (Ajara), instead of North-West (Abkhazia)of Georgia, although both are located on the Black Sea shore.

  2. @KM

    The view from Google Earth (despite an imagery date of 2009) would appear to validate your claim that we are in fact viewing an enraged sea in Batumi. Regardless of where it is, precisely, that’s one hell of a shorebreak, and I know more than just a few people who would love to ride it (bodysurf, bodyboard, and even a few crazies on surfboard) although the water temperature is undoubtedly suboptimal.

    I can only imagine how good the place might get when a strong center of low pressure crosses the coastline just south of this area, pulling the winds around to the east while large swells continue to arrive on the coastline.

    Thanks again, English Russia, for the fascinating natural phenomena shots.

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