Kiev, Ukraine, Today


So this is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, today. They say those are the most violent snow storms for over hundred of the years and the largest city of Ukraine, with around 3,000,000 people living there got all its road covered with this much snow. A lot of trains have stucked near the city. Some govermental authorities travelling on their priority cars were stuck on the road as well as the flashlights couldn’t help against the storm. Army has arrived into the city to help cleaning up the snow. Almost six hundred smaller towns and villages stay without electricity as reported.









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    • and yes! maybe it is.
      just because there is more snow on single day at an unusual date, doesn’t mean, that there’s global cooling.
      it just says that the weather is getting more extreme. which is also a global warming…

    • Fun fact: Global warming is a misnomer. The term you’re looking for is climate change. ‘Global warming’ does not mean things get universally warmer. It means a change in global temperature effects change in global circulation leading to…

      …Climate change

  1. Not all images are from Kiev and even from Ukraine.
    The last picture is much older and 100% sure not from Kiev. The amount of snow was not 2 meters. I did see this picture also before.
    Image 1 is probably also not from Kiev, because the amount of snow was just 0.5m.
    Image 6 is also not from Kiev, because there was a lot of wind. Cars standing in open has almost no snow on their roof, only the hood.

    • you are right.. these pictures are mix from different years.. at least the last one with train can be found on webpages from 2o11…
      but it doesn’t matter 🙂 there is still lot of snow 🙂

  2. Yes!! You’re right, Global warming means more water in the atmospher…more water in the atmospher means….more snow. deal with it!

    • Plus it’s not called Global Warming, it’s Climate Change.
      Meaning that while the earth is gradually getting warmer over all a lot of climates will alter. Some places getting a lot warmer and others getting colder.

  3. Take the day off. A lot of snow like this can turn a home into a rustic setting. Get a lot of blankets, get covered and make lots of love. That’s what I would do.

  4. Note to all. According to the MET there hasn’t been any global warming in 16 years. Also the climate is not static.It has always changed. Anyone who believes that climate should remain unchanged should really get professional help, or join the rest of the lefty morons in the Democrat party. BTW Hos’s that Hope and change workin’ for ya? Almost 17 trillion now! Just look at Cyprus. Coming soon to a bank near you.

    • I agree on that view. I don’t believe in global warming also. There’s a lot of analysis that point to no global warming at all.

  5. The funny thing is that cannot get much snow when it is very cold. The air has to near freezing point for a large snow fall. Warmer winters in these regions means more snow.


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