On Top of the Pyramide


So, a group of Russians went to Egypt and climbed the Great Pyramide. According to their story, they arrived there early while the complex was open, then waited in shadows till the visitor hours are over and the night came down, so later they climbed on the top and made photos. “There are lots of signs on the top of the pyramide on different languages, including Russian, and they say somewhere among them there is a signature of last Russian Tsar who climbed it too sometime long ago”.
The security didn’t notice them, they got back down uncaught, keeping in mind that according to Egypt’s laws there is a possible couple of years sentence for such kind of things. Also, all photos are clickable.

As you see on the photos they climb the other pyramides too, during the plain daylight as they are less secured and nobody prosecutes you for doing this.
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  1. Stupid idiots. The restrictions are probably there for a reason. Just wonder how long the pyramids would last if everyone started to climb them

  2. These are great photos. Well done. The second photo is down the Eastern side of the Great Pyramid. Do you also see an symbol like a Freemason’s set square and compass on the ground? In Google Earth that part is so washed out, one can scarecly see the “Boat Pits”

  3. Yes,we’ve lost many great civilizations because of monotheistic religions. I’m sure we could’ve seen great wonders if those had a chance to evolve 🙁

    • Seriously? “…because of monotheistic religions”? What about the days of polytheism where instead of many people fighting for ONE God you had many people fighting for THEIR particular god (be it Thor, a cow, a firepit, a brick, or Athena). What a ridiculous statement. ALL religion has had some type of negative. Come on, man. How about we face the TRUE heart of the problem which is NOT religion, politics, or money. How about we focus on humanity’s innate intolerance of anything that doesn’t fit what YOU want; or humanity’s innate violent nature that if somebody has what you want you just take it one way or another. Religion is not to blame for everything bad in the world and I am so sick and tired of reading this crap over and over and over again. People fight. Get rid of ALL religion and people will suddenly live in peace and nobody will ever harm another person. Yeah, that works out really well in an ant colony or in an African safari. Just look at life in general. There is violence EVERYWHERE. Stop this drivel about religion being to blame for everything already for crying out loud. Yes, people have fought for religion and continue to do so. Same as for a political belief or for more food or for more women or money. Good Lord I’m so sick and tired of people playing that damned religion card (here comes something about the Crusades, watch).

    • You’re right. Without abrahamic religions there would be no middle ages in Europe. Scientists would’ve never been persecuted and burned at the stakes. Today we would be MUCH, MUCH further! And I suggest you not to give a damn about angry, close-minded christians critisizing you. They just don’t like the fact that they believe in fairy tales and they get angry when they hear truth about religion.

  4. YO! EvilSOB Civilizations were not lost due to monotheistic anything. They fell from their own people loosing the desire to protect it, care for the civilization values being protected and any number of just plain more powerful neighbors. The religions have torn down their works would be a more correct statement. Get a life. As granddad would have said; “If you canna be nice. Shut the F__k Up.” God I miss that ol’ gentelman.

  5. Going to all that trouble to get up there and no Pentax camera to take the pics with? Simpletons, better pics would have made all the difference.

  6. I lived in Cairo for a while and visited the same locations. Though these look pretty, many areas (on the ground) are disgusting with substantial trash and recent human feces. Egypt cares little for its history and has little money to maintain their treasures.

  7. Jesus, what is that building 3/4 to the right across the center in the last picture? It’s like someone had a building, but they didn’t like that building, so they decided to build a smaller building on top of it.

  8. Nice photos. I was in Egypt back in the early 90s with the military. My acting commander climbed this pyramid. He said that it was exhausting to do but well worth it.

    I paid a guard $40 to let me go inside one of those smaller (3) pyramids and to climb one the little ones. (I’m scared of heights.) It was a shame to see all the grafitti spray painted inside the small one. The Egyptians allow public access to the inside of the great pyramid and it is well-maintained. Too bad about the sphynx. It was a total let down.

  9. “Yes,we’ve lost many great civilizations because of monotheistic religions.”

    Are you a moron?

    ” I’m sure we could’ve seen great wonders if those had a chance to evolve”

    Ancient Egypt worshipped DEATH. Don’t e have enough of that from the fake religion, “islam”?

  10. It’s true, that pyramid is in bad shape, the sixth photo from the top is evidence how bad it is. On the other hand it was a one time trip, and they are sharing the photos. Who knew there was modern graffiti up there. While the photos pointing away from the pyramid are awesome, I am now far more intrigued with what the top looks like. That photo with the tripod is the money shot! Good work.

  11. What nonsense, Scrooge. Egypt’s religions lasted 3000 years or so, and included some that were virtually monotheistic. Central American civilizations stopped before Christianity arrived. Read history!

  12. This American girl salutes you…no harm was done, and sometimes “living on the edge” is a good thing…what a sense of adventure! These pics are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  13. you guys did exactly what I wanted to do so TY for sticking your necks out. I am really interested to know exactly what the top looks like and I cant believe they didn’t show us? Does anyone know if there are any pics of the top I have looked without any luck?

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