Vending Machine Soda Theft

A thirsty lad owning a measuring tape can get his urge for soda relieved with ease dealing with a wending machine. The basic arithmetics of this is the price of the tin can is worth of twenty five Russian money, which is roughly 80 cents, which brings them to the total pillage of less than four dollars, and then the penal code of Russia gets three years peniciary minimum for such a deed. So, please, don’t try this at home.

22 thoughts on “Vending Machine Soda Theft”

  1. if youre going to risk 3 years for that, why not just throw a rock at the glass? at least you can have some sandwich with those sodas.

    • You do not know what you are speaking about.
      Even if they took all soda that was inside, the cost value of it wouldn’t be enough to qualify for a felony in Russia.
      He only risks a small fine.
      In contrast, breaking the glass and damaging the machine would most likely qualify.

  2. What a dumb donkeycavity. First, risk 3 years of prison time and second, post the procedure on the internet so everyone knows it and the flaw will be fixed. How dumb can you get?

    • Not so. First of all, I doubt the prison term applies if Russia is anything like Slovakia (below I think minimum wage, a theft is merely a misdemeanor,not felony) and second of all, this is nothing new. Using tape measure is clever, but a friend of mine did it with a wire from a coat hanger back in high school.

  3. What 3 years, you crazy… If you’re a total noob, of course you’re gonna get caught. On a separate note – it’s “vedning” not “wending”.

  4. 3 years eh? Still not as bad as deportation to the colonies for stealing a loaf of bread. That’s how life was in Great Britain in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. You’d find yourself in Australia somewhere if you survived the 6 month voyage by sea.

    • Well, it’s not like that. The way this vending machines work is that if there’s no product or the product failes to fall (light sensors bellow) the money is given back and that product gets disabled so nobody attempts to buy it.

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