Ex Air Force Colonel Goes to McDonalds


…as a regular fast food chain worker. He cleans tables and serves customers and generally is fond of his job. “I like my job, it’s much better than to work in security or some other dull business. Here I can see different people, talk to youngsters and teach them life”. His ex colleagues find his choice pretty decent and don’t condemn him for working in the fast food chain, as they say “the real Soviet or Russian officer should be able to do any job without a regret or despair, this what we’ve been told”.


In 1972 Mr. Loginov has graduated from a pilot’s academy and was deployed as a military pilot at the one of the most top secret air force units with the long range strategic bombers that patrolled the borders of the Soviet Union and often carried nuclear powered missiles on board.


When applying to a fast food chain, ex officer was told that the main quality his new employer was seeking from the applicants were the quickness and high diligence. They told him the time he served a customer shouldn’t exceed one minute at maximum, but as a retired officer he hasn’t think this was something impossible for him to do, so he was hired in.

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  1. Much respect to this man, he seems to have a big heart. On a different note, it’s good to see that the Russians take care of their elderly. I remember seeing old people barely able to walk, selling stuff on the streets as I wandered around the streets of St. Peterburg a couple of years back, as their pensions doesn’t cover the basic necessities. It made me think of all the hardship these people have had to endure during their lives, and yet, they continue to receive this kind of humiliating treatment by the government.

  2. im sure he could get better salary if he went to work as pilot/aeronautics adviser or trainer in some of those ‘rogue’ states …

  3. Why are you honoring him so much, when you should be condemning the government that pretty much forced him to do this.
    Ex-military people should be given the highest regards, instead, at least in the US, it’s the idiot teachers that still can’t teach kids to read and write.
    It’s backwards!
    When the chips are down, it’s always the military that are the firs to be treated like crap.

  4. WOW! I would love to meet this man and listen his stories. People that are not ashamed to work whatever their past and whatever the job is, are my heroes.

  5. if McDonalds company knew about this they would make him to wear all of his medals during the shift, perhaps he would be awarded a possibility to wear a hat with wings on its sides

  6. Not sure why he is doing this, but it’s definitely not the money. An ex-colonel gets a fairly good pension and a plenty of other bonuses like housing, insurance, cheap loans etc.
    I think he just wants to be busy with lots of people around all day.

  7. Well the first thing I read is the word “EX” so I assume he did complete a 20 or 30 year service time. I find it funny that rednecks and fat people, according to many Russian sites I have been to, are mocked for working at McDonalds while in Russia HEROES and Role Models work at McDonalds. This is why I love America. I retired from my military after 24 years. I get a retirement check and now I am a teacher. In Russia you get a tiny little apartment a voucher for food and McDonalds may hire you if you are lucky.

  8. Stupid man.
    He could have hijacked his plane with Soviet nukes and landed it in the US or Japan – then he could have received a reward from US government and become a very rich man.

    • I am pretty darn sure that if a Russian TU95 would have approached a NATO base, they would have shot it down ASAP. A Cold War Russian bomber was very easy to pick up by radar or eyeball.

  9. British and other Turks (Goths, Vandals, Saks, Ugrians, Roma (Romanians “Italian”) defeated economically Slavs in the “cold war”, “Harvard Project”! .. PS this is the place to Colonels McDonald’s … or in Siberia

  10. Wow, what an inspirational man. I am a veteran of the USAF (enlisted) and a veteran former police officer and firefighter. I developed a certain pride. I fell on hard times with my medical conditions and can no longer do those jobs I loved so much and was so unbelievably good at. Since then I’ve been doing those minimum wage type jobs and hated every minute of my life while doing so. Then I see THIS man, a proud Colonel and nuclear bomber pilot who is PROUDLY and HAPPILY working at MCDONALD’S?! Wow. I *HATED* working at McDonald’s so much that I would rather have my back surgery with no anesthetic than to ever set foot behind the counter of that place again. I would rather have my testicles removed with a vice and hammer. But then I see this. I know this sounds stupid and sappy, but seeing that man’s photos actually brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. Yes, it IS sick that he has to do this. It IS sad that his government has let him down. But LOOK AT HIM! He is HAPPY and he is STILL doing his best. What a great guy. I would LOVE to meet him and talk to him for as long as he would grant me the time. THANK YOU FOR THIS. It is DEFINITELY going to make me look at MY life a bit more differently now.

  11. Well there is nothing wrong with work, back in the day they fellow that taught me to fly was a full time fight instructor, that means he qualified for food stamps. Was a Major in the USAF at one time Flew C-130’s The Polkovnik is doing what any good man would do, take a job and do the best work you can. Then there is the issue of not wanting to sit around watching the pain dry!

  12. Enjoy capitalism… Anyway this man is amazing. If I were him I couldn’t enjoy mcdonald job knowing my great past. I’d probably commit suicide. Much respect to Mr. Loginov!

  13. The avionics shop chief I worked for at a USAF base in California retired years later. He got a job as a janitor at a school. He’s been a decision maker and dealing with all the headaches. He said he was happy doing his job and letting someone else deal with the headaches.

  14. sei un grande loginov!
    Veramente un grande ufficiale russo,mai vinto , sempre disposto a lottare!
    Vorrei abbracciarti e la mia casa in italia ti aspetta , quando vuoi.

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