21 Climbing High In Dubai

Climbing High In Dubai

We are back with the Russian guys who climbed the Great Pyramide in Egypt recently. This time they are
in Dubai - no way this city can disappoint anyone especially being observed from the roofs.
37 Army These Days

Army These Days

Someone has sent a photo taken during the recent military drill.
Because army is a place of equal possibility, now in Russia too!
8 Untouched White Sea Shore

Untouched White Sea Shore

When the South of Russia has a Black Sea which is being pounded by stronger storms later, the White Sea is pretty calm. In fact it is always calm in winter as it is covered with ice. The White Sea basically is a full time sea, with salt water, with white sand beaches, sea animals and sea fishes
but unlike all other southern seas it gets fully covered by ice in winter. People lived there for thousands of years enjoying the sea hunt and fishing. You still can find historically untouched architecture and get a clue how people lived here five hundred years ago.
4 Storm in Sukhumi

Storm in Sukhumi

While Kiev and west of ex Soviet land is experiencing unseen snowfalls and are stuck in snow, on the Black Sea they have the extreme storms
on the sea which already destroyed the embankments and beach promenades in a few cities. Here is the example from Sukhumi.
9 Great Submarine in the Dock

Great Submarine in the Dock

A great Russian submarine entering the dock for repairs has been spotted by Zeka-Vasch. While staying unsure on what is the model of the submarine or its military nickname it still a pretty magnificent
site, which is usually covered by curtains from civilians when it already stationed in the dock and the repair works start. First it was photoed arriving closer to a docking facility.

18 How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

These Superjets are the first passenger jet planes that are built after the formation of new Russia and also that is the first passenger plane of SU company which previously built
only well known SU military jets. The 33rd airplane is being assembled currently in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. So today we can see how SSJ100 is built on the Far East of Russia.
23 Kiev, Ukraine, Today

Kiev, Ukraine, Today

So this is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, today. They say those are the most violent snow storms for over hundred of the years and the largest city of Ukraine, with around 3,000,000 people living there got all its road covered with this much snow. A lot of trains have stucked near the city. Some
govermental authorities travelling on their priority cars were stuck on the road as well as the flashlights couldn't help against the storm. Army has arrived into the city to help cleaning up the snow. Almost six hundred smaller towns and villages stay without electricity as reported.

17 Abandoned Future Props

Abandoned Future Props

Nice place to visit. Lots of abandoned scrapped trucks that used to be the army supplies, now stays there nobody cares. Might be used one day
for movie props or for something else, crazy to think that much of good can be just wasted staying there under the open skies.
35 On Top of the Pyramide

On Top of the Pyramide

So, a group of Russians went to Egypt and climbed the Great Pyramide. According to their story, they arrived there early while the complex was open, then waited in shadows till the visitor hours are over and the night came down, so later they climbed on the top and made photos. "There are lots of signs on the top of the pyramide on different languages, including
Russian, and they say somewhere among them there is a signature of last Russian Tsar who climbed it too sometime long ago". The security didn't notice them, they got back down uncaught, keeping in mind that according to Egypt's laws there is a possible couple of years sentence for such kind of things. Also, all photos are clickable.
21 $650,000 Lawmakers Watch

$650,000 Lawmakers Watch

$650,000 for a wristwatch? That's no problem if you create laws in Ukraine. The watch is some rare one that is made by special order and there are only 30 pieces of them available from a manufacturer.
One can be ordered here for example, however some people in Ukrainian parliament have already got theirs and now can be photographed while the lawmaking sessions are being conducted.

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