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  1. Welcome to cutting your losses. As resources get eaten up the world over, expect to see more blighted dreams and nightmares. It’s the equivalent of the American McMansionville Ghosttown. Something sadder than seeing the abandoned used buildings of an old worn out civilization is seeing the abandoned half-built buildings of a supposedly growing civilization that though it could buy its future with promises, borrowing, unicorn horns and fairy dust. CDO anyone?

  2. I love when ppl from countries which have so much loans that actually numerous lifetimes wont be able to repay em say “”you russians waste money and resourses very much” Yeah they really do but for good.Every country under their influence was in prosperity- half of europe including my humble country many of arabic countries and even several afrikan ones.And now when ppl dont “waste money”they have at least 4 kinds of a crisis.Economical ones,political ones,religious ones and of course the pathetic fear of the greedy little individuals which are afraid that the water,air or something else will be over.. You know what is ethernal and infinite?Human stupidity and greedyiess.

    • Bogdan.
      As long as You call mass rapes, thievery, state-organized murders and 44 years of humiliating hopelessness as “prosperity” – I cannot agree with You more.
      Version for Americans – stop bullshitting.

  3. ” it might been used by the developing countries “to build their own underwater crafts and challenge the leaders on the sea.”

    Or to help the western fascist NATO forces in their latest “Drang nach osten”. Good job spoiled westernised brats! Defenders of the motherland, previous and present, knows exactly what to do with foreign agents!

    • O!
      Are they learning You about “western fascists” in schoold (again?) or have You developed this brilliant and unique idea by yourselve?

      I can recognize “wsiegda gotow” pattern…

  4. sadly the stupid, greedy american politicians don’t see the writing on the wall. we are doomed to follow in the steps of so many others. only pain will result.

  5. @ Brent L. Van Pelt

    Brent, please contact Tyler Junior College. They are giving ALL your money back for the education you didn’t receive.

    “Wow what a real wast of money. If its Russian don’t they have the money to finish the dame thing?”

    Try, “Wow! What a real waste of money. If it’s Russian, don’t they have the money to finish the damn thing?”

    Appalling spelling, not to mention the grammar is on par with that of a 3 year old.

    I have friends don’t speak English, so they must use a translator to understand the text. When you use misspelled words, the translator gets the words wrong. Please slow down, consult a dictionary, and do better.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Welds are fresh. Lights are lit. Apparently the thing is under construction. There are at least 5 such submarines contracted by Vietnam and Black Sea fleet so it should be one of them.
    ER commentators are funny, as usual. 🙂

  7. Here we go with more “my country is better than yours” bullshit. Why, people? Is it really that hard to see the greatness in somebody other than yourself or in a country other than your own? I don’t care WHAT country you are from, either, ALL of them have self-serving, narcissistic, idiots running them. No matter what country you live in your government SUCKS–ALL OF THEM! Let’s just agree on that, OK? If you have a person in a top or key government position, ANYWHERE ON EARTH, you have a person that believes a) the laws of the country, nature, and man don’t apply to them, b) they must do whatever they possibly can to stay in some form of power, c) they have NO CLUE what life is REALLY like because they have so much money they can literally buy anything they could ever possibly want or need so they don’t have even an idea of what “hardship” is. Does that sound familiar? It should because it is the people in AMERICAN government, RUSSIAN government, GERMAN government, JAPANESE government, INDIAN government, CHINESE government, and on and on. How do you test this? How do they live? What do they drive? What kinds of clothes do they wear? If you’ve ever seen that they’ve done something OBVIOUSLY criminal, did they pay the price for it? Easy answer! Just take a good look at the people in EVERY government and you will see it. So, let’s stop bashing each other, agree that ALL governments nowadays are beyond corrupt, and live peacefully. Is it that hard? EVERY country has made SOME kind of contribution to society. I am a proud American who can easily recognize the greatness of others. Here’s another thing: Of ALL the countries in the world, which is the ONLY one that really stood up to America in the past 60 years–that REALLY had America on its toes? The USSR, that’s who. If they were able to challenge the USA on that level they were OBVIOUSLY something great. And, just because that system collapsed doesn’t mean that they are no longer able to operate those machines or fight in wars. Everybody and every country goes through slumps and rough times. No matter where you live YOUR country, too, will at some time experience some serious hardship. Does that mean it should be OK for people to gang up on you and call your country a joke and so on? Knock it off already. This is a great site and I really enjoy the things posted here. Some of it has made me laugh hard enough to pee my pants, and other stuff was inspiring, and yet other things were just beautiful to see. I am just happy I found this site! It’s a great place to hang out.

  8. I don’t really get it how you can get into a “top secret” plant, take pictures of top secret project, post them on your blog and get away with it?! In the civilized, western world you will get locked for life for espionage.
    I think this posting here is a hoax.


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