UFO, Missile or Something Else?

After the last Friday incident when a giant flash lightened the skies of the morning city Chelyabinsk, which was later dubbed as “Chelyabinsk meteor”, people studied the available video recordings a lot and some of them claim there was some extra object hitting the fireball in the skies seconds before it turned into a giant flash. Some call it UFO, some say those were air defense missiles. This footage shows some part of the research highlighting the possible collision in the skies.

8 thoughts on “UFO, Missile or Something Else?”

  1. I’m sorry to saying such words of mine: on Earth missiles are real fast; but not that fast like what all of you seen, I mention before the combustion engines; like the faster plain on Earth or the most stronger rocket Russia have, like Energy. The asteroids could get thousands of Kms per second, and would be difficult for any missile to get at it, only a matter of luck. UFO whatever they are from; also moving so fast that, also mo terrestrial vehicle could much it. I can’t prove what I real know, for that matter not need for me to explain anything about it. Humans in general have proving not having enough intelligence yet; only good for destructions with Weapons of Mass Destruction, destroy the others humans and themselves too. A.Oscar

  2. For me it looks like some kind of FO- (flying object) unidetified or indetified is being hit by some kind of missle.Thoughts that there are no missle capable of such speed are pretty naive. You really think that the guys from Russian Aerospace Defence Forces, will tell you what they really have up to this day? Hah,maybe they really will.But after half a century 😉 You should be happy that you have such powerfull armed forces capable of giving you such an airshow.However i hope the ppl which are wounded after the shockwave will recover soon.


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