Sponge Bob Soviet Army

Did you know, that one of the most popular marching songs in Russian army is “Sponge Bob Square Pants” theme? No, really, it is being used in lots of army units, both ground infantry and navy sailors use it while marching. The real army captains (or other high ranked officers) got used to train their voices to match the Sponge Bob’s captain’s voice when he asks “Are you ready children???”. Sometime ago Westerners were afraid of the Soviet menace, that Russians can come to slay the free world. So if this could happen now, this Eastern slayers were going to sing the one of the easiest recognizable song of Western society (maybe so that the kids didn’t afraid them). I guess you don’t believe me – then watch the video. It’s not just one army unit marching singing the “Sponge Bob” song, we’ve got a lot of them, from different Russian cities all enjoying the song, all marching, to the West?

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