19 thoughts on “Army Makes People Kinder”

  1. Try in internet,”Presidential Guards’ change on Sunday 6Mar2011.MPG’
    Is in Athens-monument of unknown soldier.
    From ancient years till now.

    • The don’t look stimulated so I think he was just checking whether he had clean ears, was shaved right, corrected the cap, took some dirt from his uniform. That’s hardly being homosexual. 😛

  2. If you watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery you will see something similar. There is WAY less touching, but very similar check–this is DEFINITELY a uniform and hygiene compliance inspection because these are the elite of the elite and are in a very public and ceremonial job. Nothing gay here whatsoever. This is standard military practice, and every country has their own ways of conducting it. They can get into very serious trouble if their crap isn’t absolutely 100% perfect because it’s considered an embarrassment and dereliction of duty.

  3. Try also to stand in the sun, not moving. Even the scratch and sweat can not shake off. Only then can you be laughing at this video.

  4. I was in military and DIRT in ears is very bad. Also, your shave should be perfect…no stray hairs lingering on your face.

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