Russian Multi Purpose Fighter Su 30SM


We are about to visit another place, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, to see new multi-purpose fighters Su-30SM made for the Russian Air Force. Thirty units of this vehicle are to be built by 2015 under the contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence.



Modern air-superiority double-seat fighters will significantly increase the combat power of the Russian Air Force.

Su-30SM, built under the contract, performed its first flight in September, 21, 2012.


Su-30SM is equipped with a phased array radar. It can apply modern and advanced “air-to-air” and “air-to-surface” high-precision weaponry.


Apart from solving combat tasks, the fighter can be used for training pilots who will fly by newest multi-purpose air-superiority single-seater fighters.


Su-30SM is the new model of the series of combat fighters Su-30MKI.

The fighter was adapted for the needs of the Russian Air Force (radar systems, radio contact, ejections seats, a number of support systems).


42 units of Su-30MKI will also be made for India.


272 units of Su-30MKI were ordered in general, 150 of them have already been supplied.


Air-superiority of Su-30SM is achieved with help of the engines with thrust vector control.


The potential of one fighter like this can be compared with the potential of two fighters of the previous generation.

No other fighter could solve combat tasks at such a high level in Russia before.






















Apart from Su-30SM they also build YAK-130 for the Russian Air Force.









Isn’t it a dream of any pilot?

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  1. Patting yourselves on the back for being able to cobble together 30 fighters. How many MiG-23s did the VSS and PVO order? Thousands. The Revolution Betrayed – Leon Trotsky. Still applicable today.

  2. I have nothing but admiration for the Russian people and what they can produce when they put their heads together! – simply beautiful.

    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Too funny. 80’s technology. Sharp edges everywhere, HUGE radar signature. Even an F16 would pick that thing up miles away before the Su pilot knew what hit him. And those monster Saturn turbofans? What? No ceramic heat shielding? Easy prey for a heat-seeker. Nice looking death trap.

  4. Yes it is beautiful, with the radar cross section of a barn. I will not even have to call up fox 2 cause you will be smoked before I am over the horizon.

  5. Enigma Global # 006 By A.Oscar Congratulations for the such airplane: those kinds of Plaines could change many countries minds for any provocations. We live in the world with lots of competitions; and the weaker always the first ones to be under the pit bulls of any other country, of thinking having enough power to destroy them. Just what have happened in Arabe countries later: but I wish Weapons of Mass Destruction like nuclear or hydrogen bombs; would be nice of all scraped for good, because on any war with it, could warm even more the Earth for a possible meltdown the Antarctica, the most danger issues Mankind having now. I wish governments in the world could understand of such circumstances: which could melt and the Oceans rising and evading land again. I have studding such issues in a few countries: the point to understand what was Ocean already was land and vice-verse, bur the radiation contamination left behind would be enough also to stop any kind of food for some survivors, if any will survive. The conventional weapons; will be strong enough to destroy any country now , but also the Nuclear Power Plants also could be real dangers too; just in case of any catastrophe may appear, like already happened in some countries, special Japan. 08/02/13 A.Oscar

  6. Same basic design as the SU27 & Mig 29….
    about 25 years behind. Heck, these planes, save for the thrust vectoring are JUST catching up with the F-15 Eagles. Heaven help whoever flies these, and tangles with a single F-22

  7. Looks like a radar signature the size of John Hancock’s!

    Even the old “Owl Screech” radar of the 80’s would pick that dog up from 1000 miles…

  8. For all those armchair experts who criticize these fine looking aircraft, first learn about facts. These aircraft are highly competitive and efficient. Maybe not the latest and most modern but can still very well protect a nations borders. To me a truly magnificent aircraft.
    My personal all-time favorite is and will probably always be the everlasting and ever-going F-16.

    • Well said. No matter what anybody says here disparaging the Russians, their modern aircraft are absolutely first rate and, I promise you, NO American pilot EVER wants to tangle with one no matter what he’s flying. They are PHENOMENAL machines with PHENOMENAL capabilities. One of the capabilities they use (which we don’t) is the IR sensor (that glassy ball looking thing by the front of the cockpit windscreen). Why we don’t use that as well is beyond me. It’s a passive sensor that allows the pilot to detect heat signatures of other aircraft, etc., and locating them WITHOUT the use of radar–it’s a passive sensor that doesn’t betray the aircraft/pilot using it. Radar gives the plane away, IR does not. So, WHY THE HELL DON’T *WE* HAVE IT ON *OUR* PLANES?! It seems like it would be a no-brainer to me. Whatever the case, one of my dreams is to be able to go to an airshow in Russia to be able to see for myself these magnificent machines in their element. I have had a passion for everything aviation since before I was in Kindergarten. To this day I have never seen any of the modern Russian aircraft in flight, doing their thing, feeling the compression of the air from the engines, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Cobra”–the aerial maneuver that no other plane could perform before it was INVENTED by a RUSSIAN pilot in an SU-27 (I believe, maybe it was a MiG-29, not absolutely certain on that one). The “cobra” will make ANY pilot shit his pants in combat if it was pulled on them, I don’t care WHO he is, LOL!!

  9. On the other hand, any decent AESA ground based radars (which Russia has plenty of) can pick up an F-22 or F-35 just as far. Hell, an ancient Yugoslavian S-125 downed an F-117. “Stealth” is only one of the many qualities (and not the most important one) which differentiates 5th generation aircraft from 4th.

    • Not true. If it was true there is no way in hell we would be putting the time and effort into designing, building, and implementing them. Sure, they have weaknesses, but at 1000 miles? Absolutely not. It’ll never happen. As for the 5th gen statement, you are 100% correct. It’s NOT just the stealth aspect of the aircraft, but other things combined with it.

  10. That is a very sexy looking aircraft, with some excellent engineering.
    Sukhoi do always manage to make some really nice looking aircraft.

  11. America’s Eagle is brought down to earth with a bumpBy Peter Spiegel
    Published: August 5 2004 20:26 | Last updated: August 5 2004 20:26

    It started as one of the dozens of military exercises the Pentagon conducts with friendly governments each year operations that are as much about bilateral diplomacy as about testing military capabilities.

    But the exercise carried out in February, involving mock combat between the US and Indian air forces over the skies of Madhya Pradesh in central India, has taken on a life of its own. The reason? The US lost.

    Not only did the US aircraft lose, but they lost repeatedly. According to one member of Congress briefed on the exercise, the US air force’s top fighter, the F-15 Eagle, was defeated more than 90 per cent of the time in simulated dogfights with Indian pilots.

    As a result, reports on the exercise have not only reached the highest levels of the Pentagon and Capitol Hill but have travelled around the world to military procurement agencies in Singapore and South Korea. As details have gradually leaked out, the exercise has become one of the prime topics of gossip at global air shows and arms fairs. It has also opened a rare window on to the overlapping loyalties and increasingly cut-throat competition that mark military procurement in an age of shrinking defence budgets.

    The exercise, known as Cope India, was conceived almost two years ago as part of thawing relations between New Delhi and Washington. Some Pentagon officials saw improved diplomatic ties with democratic India as a way to balance the growing strength of communist China. It was the first combat training exercise between the two air forces in more than 40 years.

    But Pentagon planners also had an important military goal: US air force pilots had never had the chance to go up against the Su-30 Flanker, the latest Russian-built fighter designed by Sukhoi, which India began acquiring in 1997.

    Many of the details of Cope India remain classified. Accounts conflict: some say the F-15s lacked the US air force’s most sophisticated radar; others that the Indians used special helmet-mounted targeting systems unavailable to US pilots; and others that the Americans were outnumbered at least two to one.

    Whatever the reasons, the US Air Force might normally be expected to keep such a defeat under wraps. But in recent weeks, senior officers have begun leaking information about the exercise, freely admitting their technical inferiority. ?We may not be as far ahead of the rest of the world as we once thought we were,? says General Hal Hornburg, head of the US’s air combat command.

    The reason for the sudden candour has little to do with the F-15, and much more to do with another high-performance aircraft: the $72bn F/A-22 Raptor, a new stealthy combat jet that the US Air Force is desperate to save from Congressional and Pentagon budget-cutters. The craft has come under fire from those who say the US no longer needs a fighter originally designed to fight the next generation of Soviet MiGs. So senior officers have decided that the risks of revealing the inadequacies of the F-15 are outweighed by the opportunity to convince the government to keep buying the higher-priced fighter.

    “Something like Cope India, when we find that some of our advantages aren’t as great as we thought they might be, leads me to remind people that we need to modernise our air-to-air capability,? says Gen Hornburg.

    Lockheed-Martin, the prime contractor on the F/A-22, has been more than happy to play along. In recent briefings, senior executives have made thinly veiled references to Cope India.

    ?The bottom line is, the US no longer has a technological combat advantage, based on aircraft versus aircraft,? says Ralph Heath, the Lockheed executive overseeing F/A-22.

    It would seem only natural that the F/A-22’s largest subcontractor, Boeing, would play along too except for one problem: Boeing makes the F-15. The company recently won a competition to produce F-15s for South Korea and is engaged in a heated contest to build 20 for the Singapore air force. ?We were concerned,? says George Muellner, head of Boeing’s air force business.

    In an effort to save the F-15 from the Pentagon’s self-inflicted wounds, General John Jumper, the air force chief of staff, recently briefed Singaporean officials on the Indian exercise. Singapore, which is also looking at the Eurofighter and the French Rafale, has reason to be worried: China has bought the Su-30, as have Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Caught in between is Sukhoi itself, which does not seem to know what to make of the mixed American messages. ?We feel part of a game,? protests Alexander Klementiev, Sukhoi’s deputy director general. ?But we are not participants in that game.?

  12. F-15’s????? These were made in the 1970s when I was in the military. These haven’t been the USA’s top fighter for years. Of course you are assuming that the USA gives out all its military secrets to websites like this! Mind blowing naiveté!!

    • F-15’s are still the main jetfighter for USA dear.They recently sold new ones to foreign allies also.
      Main reason why they still keep them up is the easy maintenance of the engines,they can change engine within 2 hrs if needed.They have been updated every few years to meet newest technology standards.

  13. beautiful looking plane…reminds me of Firefox…maybe Americansky will steal plane…bring to America where capitalists make and sell to highest bidder.

  14. For all the people joking about the supposed high radar signature of this airplane; well, this is a fighter airplane, designed to defence borders from foregn attacks; the stealth fighters (and drones) are the american-minded-type of jet fighters, designed to bomb (export) democracy allround the world; about the new product of the usa industry, i have read somewhere that the new f35 is not properly an example for a jet fighter ( if it flight over 1,6 mach the motor burns the tail, it cannot land on carrier, if the pilot helmet failure you cannot control the plane, it can not fly with bad weather, and so on… but it have a stealth design!)

  15. The Sukhoi 30 of the Indian Airforce out performed not just US F15E’s and F16c’s in 2004 but also brand new South korean Airforce F15K’s delivered straight from the Boeing plant in 2008 . And it’s looking like the New Sukhoi T50 is going to show that the The US F22’s and F 35’s are overpriced pieces of US Scrap.. The Australians and Canada have now backed out of buying either of them to replace they’re F18s. American’s live in a bubble that tells themselves they’re the greatest… meanwhile the world is passing them by…

    • To correct you, the F-22 was specifically prohibited from being exported to ANY country. It was to be a US *ONLY* fighter.

  16. Nice craft.Not bad for nearly forty years old concept.I guess it will beat the crap out of all f-15,16 and 18’s it will encounter.But thats not interesting- cold war era fighter with new radar and possibly color lcd screen inside. Show us the real terminators! T-50 and su47. Alongside with modernized mig31 hahaa bring it. It will be very interesting ^^

  17. I heard it has the ability to cloak it’s self with a plasma that radiates from a material that runs from the nose of the plane to the tail. Very few know the real capability in the US, we need to quit being so confident in what we have in America!

    • The truth is simple: In an aerial battle between American and Russian pilots using their respective top rated weapons systems, EVERYBODY loses. That would be an ugly and horrific battle that I am sure NEITHER side is eager to attempt.

  18. A fantastically beautiful aircraft ….. unfortunately with all those radar return surfaces (canards e. g.) the pilot would be handed his ass before he even new there was another aircraft around …


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