16 thoughts on “Video: Circus Lions Go Out of Control”

  1. 1 lion: i’ll kill u, u piece of a human man, am not ur freaking slave, show some respact will ya
    2 lion: ok mate i’ll help u kicking the guy ass
    Other lion: Guys stop it or we will miss our daily food, stay out of trouble, plus we don’t want to get wet, its chilly in here.

    using water was great idea to train ur cat though, easy and not harmful, i use water to punish my cat when he is being naughty, works everytime hohoho

  2. Firstly, these lions are NOT “out of control”. They’re simply displaying their instinctive predatory behaviour when confronted by an enemy—in this case a couple of human tormentors.

    This type of so-called entertainment has to be one of the last ways left for ignorant people to gain enjoyment from watching people—who should know better—mistreating animals in the cruelest of manners, by prodding with sharp sticks and dousing with hoses.

    I was hoping that one of those brutal lion-tamers would be mauled to death. I was actually cheering for the lions! And is there any way that people in civilised, first-world Western countries can stop these barbarian acts?

    • I am ashamed to call you a fellow human. The fact that you are cheering a lion on to kill another human being sickens me. You have every right to dislike the treatment of the animals, and I agree with you on that point. But, to sit there and hope a fellow human being is KILLED (MAULED TO DEATH) is just SICK and you really should have your head examined. Whether you like it or not that man may have a wife and children. A mother and father. What the hell is wrong with you? What you said there makes you WORSE BY FAR than the “trainers” who are somehow torturing those animals. I didn’t see anything wrong being done to the lions prior to the attack. I disagree with having them in captivity doing tricks, but they certainly weren’t being abused! WTF, man, get help. How about we begin stopping the barbarism of wanting to see a fellow human being mauled to death, THEN we can worry about the lions, OK?

  3. wild animals are not for spectacle ! maybe only if you grow up with them and it’s not 100% safe, of course, nobody die that’s cool, just warning

  4. Stuff like this is the reason why I don’t like the circus anymore. I can only imagine how traumatizing this has to be for a young child to watch.

  5. Lions are animals like any other. They can be dominated, humans taking the role of lead lion is no different from owning a dog and telling it who’s boss and to obey. Here, it’s like a pitbull that needs to be put back in order. That’s all.

  6. This is one reason why circus is the dumbest thing on Earth, these animals belong in the plains of Africa not in a stupid circus arena

    • I am in FULL agreement there. I can also see in zoos where they are still allowed to be lions. Zoos can be a very good thing as long as they aren’t in some little cage their entire life. My preference, though, would be a preserve rather than a zoo.

  7. That lion didn’t go out of control. That lion went Lion!

    The guy thought he had to stay in and prove his dominance so that he could control them in future, but in the end he limped out and was probably very unwell. I’d bet those lions suffered some repercussions for this. Being shot? Being electro-shocked?

  8. Simply lions were doing their “job”: defend themselves from dangers. They could kill that people, but they didn’t. It’s not a strange thing if we think that, maybe, lions recognize them as those who give them food, or, worse, they don’t know well how to eliminate the danger in a definitive way.

  9. oh how i wish that these lions eat those people in the cage! they don’t have respect to other living beings. there is no such thing as well trained lions! they obey you because you have sticks to hit them but once they get your back don’t expect to be alive!this is not where they supposed to be!these lions used to rule the jungle and a great predator. you would have no chance of surviving there with 7 lions around you! but looks like lions have hearts than you!

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