20 Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

New stars in the Russian Internet segment appeared lately - the parents of the girl who was
driving the new expensive Audi car sixty mph on a highway covered with snow and ice.

9 Army Instagram

Army Instagram

This is why you need Instagram - photos of food and clothes can't
stand in comparison with people who take their Instagram to army.
2 Everybody Now is Skydive Jumping

Everybody Now is Skydive Jumping

One of the most exciting skydiving jumps. What adds to it that it was performed by a Russian girl, and she changed her
mind right before the jump saying that she decided she would not do this. It didn't help though. Good watch.
1 This Is Why You Should

This Is Why You Should

This is why you should... get the license first, or this is why you should go to the pool in Russia or this is why
you.... you finnish it. Basically four small videos proving that you should do this in Russia before you are too old.
4 Things Go Weirder and Weirder

Things Go Weirder and Weirder

Things go weirder and weirder after that meteor strike! A lunatic Lada was spotted near one mall with no driver present going full berserk riding rounds and rounds on the parking lot. The good guys tried to save
the around standing cars triggering their alarms and then they tried to break the glass of the lunatic fringe vehicle. It's pity it gets to shaky at the end as they go more and more into stoping it.
24 Army of Belarus

Army of Belarus

We are going to spend some time with an odinary regiment of Belarus and
see how they conduct live firing, survive in cold and much more.

12 This Is How You Roll In Russia

This Is How You Roll In Russia

Travel range: up to 500 miles. Biotoilet? Present. Shower? We've got it too. Going under water? No problem. Microwave and some beds? Yeah we've got them as well. Six
gear transmission, special rubberized tracks - the dreamcar for someone who wants to go that far that nobody went before and stay there for some time.
2 What Happened Today, Really Short

What Happened Today, Really Short

Short as "uno dos tres quatro" version of "What Happens Around".
Basically there are four short parts and all short but cool.

2 From Drawer Knob to Kettle

From Drawer Knob to Kettle

This is amazing: a cool tiny kettle is made from a drawer knob in scale 1:10. It can become
a nice thing in a dollhouse of your child. Maybe you will try to make it yourself.
0 Russian Lover Cat

Russian Lover Cat

Speaking about Russian lover cat we know that there are some more more talents Russian cats possess. You all know that the power of the Love is the greatest power in the world so the cats, especially the Russian cats, as
the Russia is the most adorable country in the world (as you certainly know!), so the Russian cats are the ultimate lover cats. There are no manmade obstacles for them. See the footage to get an idea why.

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