14 thoughts on “Faces of Soviet Weddings”

  1. The above pics represent the Stalinist retreat to conservatism and tradition from the progressive 1920s which (unofficially) advocated free love and/or communal lifestyles (as per Marxist/anarchist/socialist theory).

    • I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right, (r)evolutionist. One of the things that anti-Communists berated the Soviets for was free love – apparently the agitprop trains weren’t just for showing movies 🙂

      When the USSR failed to establish socialism, it failed to revolutionize the family and the status of women. The return to traditional, patriarchal norms was the result.

      Good point! I like your contributions on this blog!

  2. Hey c’mon, they look like thry’re having fun… mostly anyway. A charming evocation of a bygone era which they, at least, had survived.


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