Revolution in Pictures

Revolution in Pictures

Ivan Vladimirov (1869-1947) was a painter of battle scenes of Russian-Japanese war, the revolution of 1905 and WWI. He worked in police and painted not from someone’s words but from what he saw with his own eyes. Unfortunately I. Vladimirov finally turned into quite an ordinary battle-painter, who began to create in the style of mimetic socialist realism (to serve the interests of the Soviet leaders).

Revolution in Pictures

Pogrom at the liquer store.

Revolution in Pictures

Capture of the Winter Palace.

Revolution in Pictures

Done away with the Eagle!

Revolution in Pictures

Generals being arrested.

Revolution in Pictures

Escorting prisoners.

Revolution in Pictures

Peasants take away the property of manor estates and go to the city for better life.

Revolution in Pictures


Revolution in Pictures


Revolution in Pictures

Interrogation in the committee of poverty.

Revolution in Pictures

Capture of the White Guard spies.

Revolution in Pictures

Peasant uprising in the estate of Prince Shakhovsky.

Revolution in Pictures

Shooting peasants by White Cossacks.

Revolution in Pictures

The capture of Wrangel’s tanks by the Red Army.

Revolution in Pictures

The flight of the bourgeoisie from Novorossiysk in 1920.

Revolution in Pictures

In the basements of the Checka (The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution, Speculation, and Sabotage).

Revolution in Pictures

Burning royal eagles and portraits (1917).

Revolution in Pictures

Petrograd. Evicted family is moving (1917 – 1922).

Revolution in Pictures

Forced labor of Russian clergy (1919).

Revolution in Pictures

Dressing the dead horse. 1919.

Revolution in Pictures

Searching for food in the trash bin. 1919.

Revolution in Pictures

Starving people in Petrograd, 1918.

Revolution in Pictures

Forced labour of former royal officials (1920).

Revolution in Pictures

Night looting of the car with help of the Red Cross (1922).

Revolution in Pictures

Requisition of royal property in Petrograd, 1922.

Revolution in Pictures

In search of the escaped kulak (1920).

Revolution in Pictures

Children’s entertainments in the imperial garden of Petrograd (1921).

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    • You mean the pro Tsarists cossacks butchering the peasants? You do understand “White Guards” were the anti Communists during the Russian Civil war, or this more “facts and reality is boring” stuff?

    • Pretty incredible that the communists were so utterly evil they had Russia starving BEFORE the Russian revolution. How messed up is that?

      • There was no such thing as a “Russian revolution”.
        This is just the version of bolshevist propaganda.
        In reality it was a coup d’etat by agents paid and supplied by foreign powers and organisations (Jewish banks and millionairs). And Russia was not led by the Tsar anymore, but by a democratically elected socialist gouvernment.

    • God commanded the Israelites to rape all women of conquered peoples, slaughter all males even children, kill all livestock and burn their homes. Its in the Bible so its moral.

  1. Sadly, I have the erie feeling that I am looking at Dallas, Denver, Chicago and San Diego in the not too distant future under Comrade Obama…

  2. One extreme leads to another. Had the Tsar and the Whites not been so brutal, unjust, and unyielding the Mensheviks and the SRs would have had an excellent chance of winning the people’s support (in the Spring and Summer of 1917) and would have installed a true liberal socialist Government.

    • The bolshevists erected their power by terror, not by “winning the people’s support.

      The Tsarist regime was not a modern one, able to gouvern a huge country. However it did its best regarding the Jewish unrest (Solshenizyn, “200 years together).

      There was no such thing as a “Russian revolution”.
      This is just the version of bolshevist propaganda.
      In reality it was a bloodshed and a coup d’etat by agents paid and supplied by foreign powers and organisations (Jewish banks and millionairs), comparable to that in Libya recently. And Russia was not led by the Tsar anymore, but by a democratically elected socialist gouvernment.

      The people supported the Tsar and the legal gouvernment, not what they called “The Jews and the comissars”.

      I agree that the war of the “Red army” against the Russian nation and against the troops of the gouvernment was even more evil than the putsch itself.

  3. These pictures are missing the context: the unending brutality of the Tsar and the Whites. In comparison, the Bolshevik Revolution was almost bloodless. The starvation and misery came about because 18 capitalist nations invaded the USSR as soon as it was formed.

    As for the destruction of the Tsarist symbols of oppression and decadence… can you blame them, given the centuries of misery that Tsarism inflicted on the Russian people?

    • The bolshevists erected their power by terror, not by “winning the people’s support.

      There was no such thing as a “Russian revolution”.
      This is just the version of bolshevist propaganda.
      In reality it was a bloodshed and a coup d’etat by agents paid and supplied by foreign powers and organisations (Jewish banks and millionairs), comparable to that in Libya recently. And Russia was not led by the Tsar anymore, but by a democratically elected socialist gouvernment.

      The people supported the Tsar and the legal gouvernment (The Whites), not what they called “The Jews and the comissars”. And it was not “the people” that destroyed the Tsarist symbols but the terror troops of Lenin and comrades.

  4. asi es como el gran imperio del norte pretende hacernos creer que la rebolucion se izo por bestias diabolicas Ja Ja Ja Ja…la clase trabajadora desperto por al terrible sitiacion de miseria a la cual esran sometidos por los nobles, es decir 1 persona recibia la riqueza de otros 10.000 que trabajaban en sus tierras…si esto fue asi Yo estoy del lado de las vestias

  5. COMMRADE Obama? ROFL-yeah, that center right demobrat isn’t going to do sh!te. He didn’t send ONE bankster to jail. The same greedy bastards who looted our country and then were bailed out by the gov’t. Obama is their puppet with all the wide open sea of cash they donated (thanks to “Citizens United” et al.)

    Keep up the great propaganda work for your masters, the supra rich oligarchs and ceos (with their endless multi-million dollar bonuses) that REALLY run things in the U.S.S.A.

  6. Today, people are afraid of death and famine again. Thieves and corruption seized power ! Russia becoming worse and worse! Russia needs a new revolution at 2017!

  7. The same communist hordes raped,killed and robbed my homeland Germany but the western Allies did similar deeds such as bombing all zivilian homes in cities while they left military installation and most international company factories unscathed. The two world wars were wars between Jew controlled Allies and Christian Germany.

    • Correct! The bombing raids against the cities killed up to 1 million German women and children, the men were at the front, trying to save Europe from Stalin.

      And the Allies killed by far more Germans after the war than German soldiers were killed by the war:

      1 million POW’s starved to death in Eisenhowers Rheinwiesenlager” (

      2 million POW’s were killed in Soviet camps and GULAG.

      3 million fell victim to the expulsion of 20 million Germans from their homes, cities, villages in Eastern Germany and their minority areas in East and Southeast Europe.

      5,3 million Germans fell victim to the deliberate starvation of German cities 1945-1948 in the US zone of occupation according to the (altered and renamed) Morgenthau plan.

      My own grandmother died from starvation in 1946, in her last days she weighed only 28 kg.

      • In WW1 & 2, the Jews are making the Germanic & Slavic people killing each other who are actually both indo-european people. Less than 3 decades later, the jews again made the remaining slavs & germanic people take turns to kill the Indo Europeans in Afghanistan under various false flag ops. Can’t all white men see what’s happening to yourself?

        Nowadays,how many so called “ethnic russians” aren’t related to Jews 1 way or another after a lossing 25M of their people?

        By a Chinese

  8. As soon as the sleepy american citizens are disarmed America faces the same communist murderous rule as in Russia past.Wake up people.

  9. Remember the bloody communism of Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin..the Chekna etc. were the Babylons/Judaics. These are the same central bankers who control the resources and leaders of the western world today.
    Putin regained the true wealth of his country by nationalizing oil, timber, etc, and kicking the Babylon/Judaic oligarchs out of his country. If we only had such a leader in the U.S today.

  10. All of this madness & the millions of deaths (mostly Christians) was brought to them by Jews.
    They’re now at it again with their attempts at disarming US citizens along with their creepy Agenda 21, global warming baloney, DHS,TSA,Patriot Acts & NDAA creations.
    Never again!

  11. Communism is a simply a transfer of wealth, by Force, FROM Gentiles TO J E Ws.

    USSR was looted from Billions, Christian supplied the slave labor for a $20 million investment from Jacob Schiff in NY.

    Christian Churches wre destroyed, looted, altar turned into latrines and pig pens, while Synagogues were spared (Henry Makow).

    The Holomodor was a Genocide of Ukrainian Catholics by Starvation-Grains and livestock were ‘collectivized’ ie STOLEN by Communist agents.
    Nobel & Pulitzer prize author Akelsandr Sozhenitzyns GULAG ARCHILPELAGO (vol 2 and 3) details their involvement.

    “Jewish communists participated efficiently and diligently” in collectivization. It was a war against the Russian people – a war that was carried out with “a certain enthusiasm among Jews.”
    -Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner, Gulag victim-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    ‘Jewish Marxists are Continuing the best traditions of Jewry.”- LENIN, Dec 1913, pg 10

  12. agree with Peter above

    the US faces the same fate but i just hope the sheeple wake up before its too late. Islam is NOT the enemy- its the Zionist Jews who have been running your country for a long time now.

  13. They were originally called “Jewish Bolsheviks” but that can’t be allowed because it supports their eternal enemy; the truth. They morphed into just plain old Bolsheviks so as to not blame any poor innocent benevolent and shining with love and mercy, Jews.

  14. hp: You are a liar.

    The “Bolsheviks” took that label to distinguish against the “Mensheviks”; both belonged to the Social Democratic Party originally and were factions of that.

    The explicitly Jewish party in Russia was the Bund: . The Bund disowned Leninism and resisted it.

  15. Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century is an intellectual tour de force, alternately muddled and brilliant, courageous and apologetic. Slezkine’s greatest accomplishment is to set the historical record straight on the importance of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath.

    The once-common view that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish revolution and that the Soviet Union was initially dominated by Jews has now been largely eliminated from modern academic historiography. The current view, accepted by almost all contemporary historians, is that Jews played no special role in Bolshevism and indeed, were uniquely victimized by it.

    Slezkine’s book provides a bracing corrective to this current view.

  16. In response to those who have posted messages that the Tsar and the nobility of Russia caused the Bolshevik Revolution and deserved their fate because of their mistreatment of the working people and peasants:

    Tsarist Russia eliminated serfdom in the 1860s. The policy of ending serfdom was initiated by the Tsar himself.

    The Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II initiated the most successful land reform in history between 1905 and the outbreak of the First World War. This policy was crafted by the Tsar’s ablest minister Count Witte. It was a peaceful agrarian reform and one that was extraordinarily insightful.

    Count Witte opposed giving the land to the peasants…because he understood human psychology and said (a) that people do not appreciate things that are GIVEN to them but only things that they feel they have EARNED and (b) gifts cause harm by creating resentment due to the feeling of obligation incurred by the recipient of the gifts.

    Therefore, the government legally condemned the land from the nobility paying them in 40 year low interest bonds. The bonds were secured by payments from the peasants who were led to “buy” the land for a fraction of its market value and were given long term low interest mortgages.

    Russian agricultural production soared in the wake of the land reform.

    Under the Tsar Russia fed Europe. Under the Communists the Soviet Union was never able to feed itself.

    Industrial production also increased dramatically under the last Tsar…at a fraction of the human suffering caused by the utopian Communists. It is true that working people living in the dramatically growing industrial centers lived lives of overwork, poor pay and poor housing.

    However, this suffering – which would have been alleviated with the passsage of time as happened in Britain, the US and other countries experiencing the industrial revolution – was nothing in comparison to the sufferings of the peasants and workers under a Gulag economy.

    The Russian nobility played a huge part in the effort to modernise Russia and to alleviate human suffering.

    The Zemstvos – local committees, sort of municipal governments – made up of the nobility and the rich bourgeoisie promoted education, scientific agriculture, the extension of culture, etc. all over Russia.

    For every frenchified layabout degenerate noble on the beach in the Riviera there were hundreds of sincerely patriotic aristocrats who loved their country and their people and played positive roles.

    Lenin, Trotzsky and their comrades were psychologically speaking the equivalent of Chicago gangsters. There was as little genuine – generous – socialism in their hearts as there is in the heart of Goldman Sach’s Barack Obama.

    I have read with wonder not only the comments along the lines of “they had it coming” contributors but also those who describe Obama as a socialist.

    A socialist takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

    Obama takes from the middle class and some of the poor and gives it to the plutocratic scum.

    This is not the action of a socialist.

    Glory to Russia! Slava rossyee!


    P.S. I recommend to all people contributing to or reading the comments in this discussion that they read the superb novel “From Double Eagle to Red Flag” by General P. N. Krasnoff. (The only general in the Tsar’s army of non-noble birth.)

    Even Lev Davidovitch Bronstein (a/k/a Leon Trotsky) quoted from this novel in his history of the “Russian” (sic) Revolution and said that the desriptions Krasnoff used about the disintegration of the government in St. Petersburg caught the spirit of the times.

    If you read Double Eagle for the first 20 pages, you will not be able to put it down.

    The novel was fairly widely sold in English translation in the 1920s and 1930s. However, it became rather rare because copies of it were discreetly destroyed as the years went by because of its open discussion of the role played by Russian Jews and their coreligionists in the United States.

  17. Anywone who want to understand the real powers behind the 1917 coup d’etat in Russia, is recommended to read the book “Under the sign of the Scorpion”, by Jyri Lina. The book is one of the most suppressed boks in the world, i.e. Amazon Books sometimes sets the price to $300 to hinder people buying the book. Instead, Google the name of the bok or the author, to buy the book directly from the author.

  18. The last post, long and quite educational, clearly explains why Russia is and will always be in sh*t. For there is an endless supply of its “defenders” who see a Jew behind every tree and under every bed.

    I once decided to find out any empirical evidence supporting the “Jews made the revolution” theory. After few minutes of search on Al Gore’s amazing internet, an article popped up about a 1907 bolshevik party congress, ten year before the coup. Jewish delegates comprised about 5%, while the nobility, i.e. your upper classes, comprised 20%. And even if the percentage of Jews by 1917 was higher, who could fault them for wanting to do away with the regime which celebrated their discrimination, robbery, and slaughter for some 150 years.

    Wake up, komrade Donskoy. You are not stupid. Your country is about to become a battleground between the Chinese and the Muslims. Jews are not your problem. On the other hand, if spewing dribble helps your skin colour, lowers your blood pressure, and improves bowel movement- than it’s fine. Whatever.

  19. St. Paul says it all: “..for you also have suffered the same things from your own coutrymen, even as they have from the Jews, Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are the enemies of mankind” (1 Thessalonians 2:15-16)

  20. Compañero hispanoablante, feudal latifundistas
    and ‘bourgeois exploiters’ were nothing but
    God’s little angels, compared to the Judo-communist
    cutthroats who murdered 66 million – official figure –
    more likely as many as 100 million, as WW2 wouldn’t
    have been possible without them.

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