Video: Completely Wrecked Car Looks For More Troubles


This car crashed at high speed into the bus and was fully wrecked but didn’t stop moving on. The driver and a passenger were two workers of a car wash who were sent home from work for being drunk. It’s hard to guess what they thought about but they were moving on and crashing more cars on the way.

But how could that car even move?

3 thoughts on “Video: Completely Wrecked Car Looks For More Troubles”

  1. It’s easy; front wheel drive cars have all their works in front of the firewall, except the gas tank. The car’s body, even the back wheels, can be destroyed or gone and the car could still be drivable.

  2. Probably it’s the another spoiling of your fun, but there was a dead passenger’s body in the car all the time. He died after the first crash.


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