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Fur Farm 22

Passions always run high over all these fur coats – expensive and beautiful. Some people dream to buy such a posh thing, others are sure they are not worth killing dozens of animals. This way or another fur business is nearly always profitable. Today we are going to visit a private fur farm in Belarus and see how they work there.

Fur Farm 1

Fur Farm 2

Fur Farm 3

The farm was built more than twenty years ago. It belongs to a couple of spouses who breed furbearers. 600 foxes and 1000 minks are waiting for their end in cages. They used to have seventeen thousand animals at the farm but they decided to prefer quality to quantity.

Fur Farm 4

Fur Farm 5

These animals will be killed in seven days, their fur should ripen.

Fur Farm 6

Fur Farm 7

Minks live for about ten years in the wilderness. Here, at the farm, some of them live up to three years old, but most live only eight months – being born in April they are killed in November. The same is about foxes. However some male animals – fertilizers are kept for 7-8 years but they have to work hard, some of them inseminate up to thirty females per season.

Fur Farm 8

Yekaterina, the owner of the farm, admits she does not feel sorry when animals are killed. She says it might be a professional deformation. Quite the opposite – she feels satisfied about the work done well, about good profit.

Fur Farm 9

Fur Farm 10

Foxes are more aggressive than minks. However arctic foxes are the most friendly animals at the farm. Besides, the lighter the color of the animal the kinder the animal is.

Fur Farm 11

Fur Farm 12

Yekaterina tells that this work is hard as hell. They need to find food for animals, bring it, find a place where to store it, cook it in a proper way, timely give it to the animals. Any stage of the working process directly influences the quality of fur. Sudden temperature changes, for example, not only make fur worse but also can kill dozens of animals!

Fur Farm 13

Fur Farm 14

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Fur Farm 17

Fur Farm 18

When their time comes animals are euthanized by a lethal injection. They fall asleep and their hearts stop beating. The removed skins are defatted – manually and in a special drum with sawdust. After that they pulled on wooden planks and dried. At the final stage ready skins go back to the drum filled with sawdust slightly moistened with gasoline (to fluff up the fur, make it softer and more beautiful). All the process takes two days.

Fur Farm 19

Fur Farm 20

Fur Farm 21

Fur Farm 22

Fur Farm 23

Fur Farm 24

The skin of mink costs $ 50, arctic fox’ skin – $ 100-120, skins of ordinary foxes – from 150 to 170 dollars. To make a long fur coat about 60 minks are killed, 12 are killed for a short fur coat.

Fur Farm 25

Fur Farm 26

Fur Farm 27

Yekaterina has been in this business for many years but she still has no her own fur coat. She just does not need it. “I do not want money to hang in my wardrobe, I better invest them in my business”.

She says that simulation fur will never compare to natural one. “A woman wearing a fur coat looks ten years younger!” Yekaterina is proud to help women look splendid.









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  1. I trap and hunt every year as my grandaddy taught me to do. Moose soup tastes awesome but to raise a mammal in a cage for a hide is pretty scumbbaggy!

    • Hey Mike it’s a lot better they breed them. If they just went out into the forest looking for the same amount…there’d be nothing left. Look at Africa and the elephants. The demand is there but no african has started farming elephants the way cows are farmed. People get upset about foxes…meanwhile Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison.

  2. What horrible lives those poor animals lead.

    Even putting animal welfare issues aside, I’ve never understood the appeal of fur as “fashion”. The coats/jackets are universally unflattering. They don’t make a woman “look ten years younger,” they just make her look at least 30 pounds heavier.

    • probably sell it to the exotic restaurant, nothing goes to waste.just like the silk factory in china, they said the dead bug was made into meals and they love it so. talk about fully utilized..

  3. at least they are killed humanely, not skinned alive. The chinese are worse, they are skinned alive. Keeping those poor animals in cages is pure torture. However you can’t hunt them wild, otherwise there will be none left. It wouldn’t be so bad if they foxes and minks were kept humanely and free to roam. Fur coats are ugly anyway; it doesn’t make a woman splendid to me, but selfish, greedy, shallow and uncaring. Not to mention they look very whorish.

  4. My heart smiles when I see all these loving animals. For winter it beautiful furs are made, so we can dress nicely and we were comfortable in furs

  5. Here we see some pictures of how furs arise. I like them, they look really cool. I love beautiful furs and pelts would like to wear.


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