Video: The Guy Who Is Never Cold


This strange guy often be seen in the streets of Kemerovo, Russia. No matter how cold it is – minus 10 or 30 he is always dressed this way, as if he’s going to a beach. And only in such weather he feels comfortably. He says he hates when spring comes.

Locals say that a special fridge was made for the guy and he leaves it only in winter. What’s wrong with the guy?

7 thoughts on “Video: The Guy Who Is Never Cold”

  1. That would be me. 45 degrees where I am, and I have a ceiling fan and a floor fan both blowing on me. And I’m still too warm.

  2. i heard someone in Finland has a similar condition. He can only tolerate the extreme cold but not tepid heat.Maybe it is a mental/physical condition.


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