Severe Destruction of Counterfeit iPhones


127 fake Chinese iPhones 4 and 4S have been recently destroyed by the excavator in the Amur region of Russia. Yes, it’s what they usually do with pirated discs, but is it reasonable to destroy expensive gadgets in such a way?


The citizen of China smuggled the phones with total cost of 36500 USD to the territory of Russia. He had no documents to prove they were made legally.

The Chinese man himself was fined for about 65 dollars. The police destroyed the iPhones in the presence of witnesses and representatives of the court. The smartphones were finally crushed by the bulldozer, the debris were burnt in the boiler house.

17 thoughts on “Severe Destruction of Counterfeit iPhones”

  1. quite possibly genuine ? sometimes stuff is just nicked, hard to say. sometimes genuine items are destroyed by customs etc, its comes of having your stuff made in china

  2. Yes, it is reasonable to destroy them. If they don’t, people buy them as real iPhones, then they have a problem, and Apple gets blamed, ruining the reputation of a fine company, that had nothing to do with it.
    Just sell the phones under a different name. It’s also taking advantage of the hard work and the money that Apple put into building the company. The counterfeiters, are getting a free ride. If you have a good product, build your OWN company!
    If I owned a small company and built it up, and somebody used my name, or something, to take from my hard work, blood, sweat and tears, I’d be mad as hell.
    Counterfeiting like this, is not a victimless crime.
    There’s a reason those phones are much cheaper than an iPhone, they’re crap. If they were any good, sell them under your own name, make up a name. But then, nobody would buy ’em right?
    They should have put the guy in jail.

  3. If they were functioning phones, the rare metals and other elements inside them were worth recycling. It’s a total waste to incinerate it when so much trouble when into mining those finite resources. Dinks!

  4. $65 fine? It cost more than that to hire the dozer driver and fuel. Why the dramatic display of the destruction of fake-garbage phones? Spend some tax money on the Russian people instead of prosecuting this garbage. IMHO.

  5. Even if they weren’t “Genuine” apple products chances are they were made in the same Chinese factory by the same Chinese slave labor and the same parts as the genuine phones.

  6. First they waste resources just to crush the devices dramatically, then they proceed to burn them and add some more pollution to atmosphere. Are they insane? Who is responsible for all this pure stupidity? And who hired him?

  7. I send thousands of these phones used, refurbished, broken, etc. to Hong Kong, China, Africa and domestic USA. Ironically, China is the biggest buyers for new and used iPhone 4 & 4s CDMA or GSM. I’m pretty sure these were genuine iPhones. Fake iPhones are extremely easy to identify. $287 per phone is pretty spot on. Counterfeit phones sell for way less.

  8. this is a joke means all russia and ukraine must be destroy in the same way because everything everything are fake….well no the woman only the fat bold russian man

  9. Counterfeit products are destroyed when caught everywhere, not just in Russia. It has to do with the way western world appreciates copyrights and patents. There products are illegal to import so they are destroyed. You who complain about wasting resources, what should the customs/police do with them? Precious metals and materials in them surely is recycled.


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