Famous French Actor Becomes Russian

Актер Жерар Депардье посетил Саранск

The former French actor Gerard Depardieu decided to avoid high taxes in France in an unusual way. He became the citizen of Russia! Yesterday he came to a Russian city Saransk where he was dancing on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre in a national Russian shirt. He got a new passport right from the hands of the Russian president.


French actor Depardieu gestures during his meeting with Russian President Putin in Sochi

French actor Depardieu gestures during his meeting with Russian President Putin in Sochi

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê

Âèçèò àêòåðà Æåðàðà Äåïàðäüå â Ñàðàíñê


Welcome to Russia, Mr. Depardieu!

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54 thoughts on “Famous French Actor Becomes Russian”

    • Yes, some “French” have paid considerably less taxes than he did and lived off welfare and taxpayers money in their “multicultural” suburbs.

  1. Mathieu, really that will not change much : even without alcohol, Russian people drive like if they were drank 😀
    OD1N : what do you mean with “slavic appearance” ? Rosacea ? 😀

  2. On vous le laisse sans poblème.

    Il nous manque juste un vrai gouvernement de gauche pour que ce soit bien complet.

    Car là, lui et d’autre, auraient beau deserter, le fisc les retrouverait etc. (taxation différentiel)

  3. In Russia, women who dare to protest against Putin’s dynasty get thrown to prison. Then there’s this guy who embraces Putin just to protest some taxes. I’m not French but I think he should appreciate the French liberty more than that.

    The French prime minister made a mistake insulting him. French people take insults quite seriously. At least this is a bit more civilized way to resolve it, instead of the traditional sword duel.

  4. With all the stuff I see on English Russia he will fit right in….maybe he will try 400ft Radio Antenna Parcour…and slip…

  5. Mathieu,if taxation is not eniough for your ass,you’ll get married with “Flanby president” soon in our sad country.

  6. Good luck with him. Don’t you also want Brigitte Bardot or Mireille Mathieu ? We will be very happy to hand them to Russia

    • We want to get Brigitte Bardot, Mireille Mathieu or anybody else (may be Alizee or Mylène Farmer 🙂 in exchange for Putin and his criminal gang.

  7. Hahaha 😀

    Tout a fait poupou, on peut en filer encore pas mal d’autres si vous voulez.

    Ps: vous pouvez réouvrir des goulag pour eux d’ailleurs si vous voulez aussi, ca leur fera les pieds.

  8. Where do I sign up? Modern Russia is more free, less socialist, classier, better-led, and more respectful of its traditions and religious heritage than America these days. I’d accept Russian citizenship in a heartbeat if it was offered to me.

      • Better a negative population growth than being the waste dump of the middle east and africa! BTW Russian population is back on growing since 2009! In many ways it is way better for young and hard working people to live there than to live in France.

  9. Maybe more people will leave Europe for Russia if Europe continues this path of extorting massive taxes out of its working people in favor of lazy migrants.

    • Same way he got in the first place – using his french passport (..which he told he gave away before the trip). Or does Russia have a habit of letting ‘famous’ people come and go without a valid passport?

  10. France is going through some social unrest. Depardieu is the tip of the iceberg because it is symbolic (moving to evil empire Russia). There will be big anti-gay adoption protests on 13th January in France btw.

  11. I´d rather live in Russian than france. The sh*t place (france) full of africans, muslims and where you´re obliged to pay high taxes to feed terrorists wannabes

    • France is already lost. The European welfare states are collapsing under the weight of alimenting migrants from islamic and african countries. The costs are enormous but most politicians do not have the guts to tell the public about the true cost of immigration for the sake of multiculturalism. Depardieu is right! If the 75% would go to his own people, maybe he would pay it. But the money goes to the banks to save the Euro and to the migrants to keep them calm. The normal French/German/European works his ass off to pay for this show. More people should leave and then they will see who works and pays for everything, surely not them!

  12. Nan pas sur l’un de mes sites préférés ! J’entends ça toute la journée au info depuis une semaine ! arf this guy drink a lot more since his son died, I think not sure, bye bye Obélix

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