29 thoughts on “Russians On the Occupied Land”

  1. The pictures would have been exactly the same whetehr taken by Nazi or Stalinist photographers becuase both sides wanted to portray a rural utopia when the reality was starvation and summary executions.

  2. Better was to smile…my granny witnessed a murder when some boy rejected german chocolate and said bad things to soldier. He just smashed boy’s head at the well.

  3. Looks like they are glad the commies have gone,maybe the occupiers where not so bad after all 🙂 Remember history is written by the winners.

  4. i see no signs of war so maybe they are happy, or maybe smile or we kill you, who knows. they were not smiling when the germans retreated, burning everything as they went.

    • Nazis = National Socialist Workers Party. Communists = International Socialist Workers Party. For me is the same.

  5. No indication where photos taken – looks like rolling steppe country – odd that all the women wore exactly same pure white kerchiefs. Almost like an acting troupe.
    The bony horse looked less than happy.

  6. Then came the revenge in 1944/45…more than 2 million German women were raped by Red Army soldiers. This war was one of the darkest chapters in modern human history.

  7. I really wish people would study their History, before they make comments about a subject, they have no ideal about……. The only correct comment I read was, “They have no shoes” . To that person, It was a war and most industries made war goods and the people suffered from these effects……. To Dev Ananda Das, I Agree….. To the rest of comments…….. Please read your History first, you will be Amazed at the Truth, as all governments and the news media will tell you nothing but lies

  8. What makes you so sure he is Fascist? Next you’ll claim the women have no shoes because the Nazis took them all.

  9. Dirty german pigs cannot be trusted. EVER AGAIN!!! Gorbachev shouldve been executed for allowing Nazis to merge in the 1989. Traitor and saboteur.

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