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  1. The immigrants in Moscow don’t look as criminal as they look in the Nordic countries, for example. I just wonder what are the most frequently used arguments to protest immigration in Russia?

    • Criminal activity (theft, racketing, rape, pimping&slavery, drug traffing etc), total disregard(and grudge) of the russian population, traditions and institution, reptilian brain-society-way of doing things. Plus potential displacement of the russians, digging to the core of host society, very different blood incompatible to the natives.Is that suficient? I can detaile more

      • > Criminal activity (theft, racketing, rape, pimping&slavery, drug traffing etc)

        Native Russians never do anything like this, of course.

        • It’s a difference if 0,1% from the natives are criminals and 10% from the immigrants are so. Beside that do you want to take another disease just because you are sick? Interesting logic mr.PhD

    • I don’t know how immigrants look in the Nordic countries, but for many russians those faces didn’t seem too friendly or trustful.

      As for arguments against immigration from former soviet republics(especially eastern and south), they are about high crime rates among immigrants, and about “stealing jobs” from russians (who wants to work as street cleaner ?)

    • Open racism instead of concealed racism.

      And about that, empires and those who are proud of their imperial past don’t get to complain about immigration and demographic change. The RUSSIANS were the first immigrants, conquering all the lands these people come from. And none of the racists want Russia to disengage from the near abroad politically and economically. They want to dominate their Muslim neighbors without having to live with them. Reality check, you ironic assholes.

      • I was on Red Square for New Years last year and there were plenty of Russians. A majority, obviously, even though half of them were MVD discriminating against Central Asians at the checkpoints. This dipshit photographer is just being selective in what he shows you.

      • Russians conquered and developed nations from Central Asia. On the other hand the immigrants from there sneak out in Russia and bring poverty, crime and their pagan spirituality. Can you see the differences?

    • Immigration in Russia is not like in other countries. These people work for very very little money therefore undermining employment of the locals. The locals have to pay for very high expenses and they have no other country to spend their money better way. Plus no single worker from the south can work without big control from the corrupt local officials. The government pays for a service decent money, however most of it goes to the pockets of corrupt criminals and only a tiny fraction goes to the migrant workers. So, this is a modern slavery, pure corruption and humiliation of human rights as these people have no protection, no medical service and ruin their own country economy because of this dependence.

  2. These people come in Russia with no purpose to abuse it’s social or welfare system, they re not about to get citizenship and bring all their relatives to put them on doll at once and keep milking the system, they came to work and make a buck or two doing jobs not many Russians are willing to, you don’t see them burn cars and loot stuff from shops, and if they do something like that one day, there will be different response from both the authorities and the citizens, these pics were taken most likely during Ramadan, the guys went out to have some fresh air which they can’t afford too often being busy working hard.

  3. And a fashion trend for those petty criminals in Moscow for this year is? Same as last year: blue jeans and a black leather jacket, or Adidas (no other brand will do) trackpants/jacket.

    At least that’s the stereotype what we get, when we look at the pic’s provided by the mass media (..from news covering them). They look always the same.

  4. As they already have homes of their own it is also ok to send them back there…but in contrast to Europe the average Russian doesn´t have to aliment these guys with his taxpayer money (also a reason some French actors have enough of their government).

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