21 thoughts on “Moscow 1931 In Color”

  1. Super photos from 1931. But something is missing: where are Cheka/OGPU/NKVD boys? where are the gulags and where is the famine who killed 15-20 milion peasants?

    • Famine was in 1932. This is Moscow 1931.
      And again comment like : gulags,gulags, stalin, gulags, 1oo milion dead ppl, hitler was hero… Man, enjoy photos fk Cheka and NKVD.

      • Photos which are nice watercolors fantasies applied on a black reality. Nothing natural. And if you had the guts to say fk NKVD in those time bravo

  2. And to think that in WWII many millions would die fighting Hitler.
    My Uncle touched up photos with colored pencils to make them appear as color photos, but only face shots, because obvious it was difficult to color everything, but faces were easier.

  3. beautiful pictures. nice to see people from the USSR shown as human beings (for a change). when you look at the very young children and the oldest people it is very sad to think what was going to happen eight years later.

  4. Makes me wonder if the people that colored the slides lived in their own little world, where everybody had rosy red cheeks.

  5. Splendid collection! I liked the “constructivist art” outdoor figures, unique form to Russia. The caricature figure of the Nazi, holding a sign that reads “who will cry Long Live Moscow .. he will hang” was a prophetic reminder to Russians of anti-Soviet propaganda in Germany – even before Hitler took power!

  6. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A2%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B3%D1%81%D0%B8%D0%BD

    b&w photos in high resolution and handtinted work
    very nice – thank you

    • Yes – I think this famous Bauhaus or Constructivist building is the Zuev Workers Club, built in 1927. ER recently did nice story about the new Moscow tram line being built on that street. Building still there, now painted… pink!

  7. Son fotos del recuerdo pero se ve mucha pobreza, las personas tienen el rostro de temor de haber sufrido mucho por algún régimen, si me equivoco me disculpan

  8. Seems the communist ideal was for everyone to have touched up rosy cheeks.
    Nice staged photos of the survivors, shame there was more bad news on the way.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! Never seen anything like it before.
    Those puppets must be also some kind of propaganda, ridiculing “unwanted elements in socialist society”. It says Museum exhibit of 1937″in the picture of “Shopping center “Progress”. Small letters in a puppets hands say “a personal interest” in rhyme. So it is either some kind of projection, meaning those type of people will vanish by 1937 or it is indeed ’37.
    Beautifully taken and hand painted photos!

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