25 thoughts on “Meanwhile In the Subway of Saint Petersburg”

    • The turnstile machine’s are OK. I’ve never seen any broken turnstile machine in St.Petersburg subway. They are muslims going home after Kurban Bayram ceremony. Gorkovskaya subway station is near city mosque. Police can’t do anything against thousands of trespassers.

  1. assumption – a wave of Muslims thus poured into prosperous Europe to drown it in blood (U.S. prepares chaos in the eastern countries to delay the collapse of its economy at the expense of European countries)

  2. Personally I think we are looking at a couple of different things here. Firstly these machines were never made to handle this size crowds. They need a certain amount of time to close and reset before they can be opened, if you pull your card och whatever it is that opens them too soon they will refuse to open and then reset again. Some people have valid tickets but since they are too quick (not to block the others behind them) they can’t get the gates open, but knowing they have valid tickets they jump, the person behind sees this and assumes the machine is broken so he also jumps and this of course spreads to the rest of the crowd and soon everybody is jumping. Three ways for the transit-authority to deal with this. 1 Install quicker (and much more expensive machines) realizing that the machines will still not be as fast as the jumpers.
    2 Go the Stockholm route and install gates that you can’t jump and then have people trying to sneak in along with the one in front and getting whacked by the gates when they snap shut and a line around the block waiting to get in and missing their trains and whatnot or
    3 Just ignore it since there is no system that can handle an onslaught of this type and it most likely does not happen every friday but only a few times a year.

    • A voice of reason. Finally.
      Could somebody edit and erase some of the most hateful and racist/islamophobic comments? Seriously, some people need to find a better way to vent their frustrations.

    • But that also means that the stairs and the platforms downstairs are getting overcrowded very fast, which is probably rather dangerous.

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