20 thoughts on “My House This Winter”

    • Yes, I think there’s something phony about this. Even a broken pipe would not cause all interior surfaces to be dripping with what looks like cake frosting or sprayed insulation (like asbestos). Tricked- up photos? My cabin got -20 F. inside, for weeks, and no ice crystals whatsoever inside.

  1. I don’t believe that it got as low as -59C. Lowest ever temperature in Asia was -68C. Lowest ever in Kazakhstan was -51C. Seems a bit far-fetched. Looks more like humidity than extreme cold.

  2. It is all because of water vapor condensed on the cold things due to the temperature drop.
    And each time someone open any appaptment door, it adds some ice.

  3. So, in winter the building gets frost inside, so in summer it gets trees and flowers? What about Fall and Spring? Kidding!

  4. Well, it says here that this is Karaganda in Kazakhstan. I don’t know of any other Karaganda’s (outside of Kazakhstan)…So one thing I’d like to correct is the Tº. The officially recognized lowest temperature measured in that city is −42.9 °C (−45.2 °F), recorded in 1938. Actually the Kazakhstan lowest, is quite above the mark mentioned in this article: -51,6 (recorded at Astana, the capital city of the country). So the folks are exaggerating here 🙂

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