When It Is Cold As -40

When It Is Cold As -40

Poor citizens of Novosibirsk! The temperature -40 C (-40 F) is normal for its winter. If you cannot even imagine how cold it is, just see this video.

As you probably know hot water freezes faster than cold one at low temperatures, but hardly you could imagine that it happens THIS fast!

The outdoor temperature in the video is -41 C (-41,8 F).

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  1. My daughter and I did this in Minnesota..same -40 F or C as it was here. All the car batteries in the neighborhood needed to be taken from the cars and warmed up– taken back out to the garage and then the cars would start. Quite an experience.

  2. From Canada … have lived in the far north as well; seen -47C / -54F air temperatures. Not a problem, we don’t need to take our batteries indoors to start a vehicle. You just need to make sure the electrical system is in good condition. A marginal system will start at -25 but not at -40.

    Hot water DOES NOT freeze faster than cold water. Hot water will evaporate in cold temps because cold air cannot contain much humidity. The hot /cold ice cube experiment shows this clearly. Yes, the hot water cube will freeze sooner. But, weigh the cubes … the hot water one has evaporated in the freezer and some of the water will have evaporated. If you put the same amount of cold water in the tray as the net mass of the hot water, it will freeze at exactly the same time or possibly faster.

  3. Also, I’ve lived in Minneapolis in winter. Coldest day was -25F. However, the radio + TV will not broadcast the air temperature … the only figure they announce is the Wind Chill factor.

    NOAA all-time record for Minneapolis is -34F Jan 22 1936; the high on that day was -17F.

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