Truck Hijacking In Moscow

Truck Hijacking In Moscow

This incident happened not so long ago. The criminals are still being searched. Now trucks hijacking happens more and more often. This time the bandits even forgot about the DVR inside. They stole the truck, looted it and abandoned.

See the vide from 2:40.

The driver was lucky enough to survive.

10 thoughts on “Truck Hijacking In Moscow”

  1. Ian Greenwood Disagree! …. their anthropological child driver and a passenger car are a subspecies of Turkic tribes living in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains ….and the Caucasus is not Russia

    • kavkaz,uzbekistan, khazakstan or azeri. take your pick. I don’t think anybody would have noticed what was going on behind that truck. He could have been executed at any moment. Notice how they throw the kid out the car as bait almost immediately and then one of them shields the kid and touches his heart after asking him if he is okay….typical munafiq behaviour.

  2. Scumbag criminals, and all that with this young kid nearby. I feel sorry for him and the driver!
    The kid will grow up and become a criminal too, that’s certain!

  3. this kid should be also punished. To prevent and to avoid his breakin the law at mature age 🙂
    Criminals are making another criminals.

  4. Here in the U.S.A. the truck driver would have shot the hijackers. Most drivers here are armed, legally or illegally. Drivers in Russia should be permitted to defend themselves also.

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