Proud To Work Here!

Proud To Work Here!

The Murmansk hospital created a musical advertising video, where its workers sang about their job, how much they were devoted to their work and how much they liked to “live” in this “blue house” as they called it.

The security guard sings first and he won’t let anyone in if he/she is in a coat and without shoe covers.

The driver sings that he is always in a rush to help people.

The lab worker sings that she looks through a microscope and finds different things, she notices each single leukocyte.

They sing that their operating unit will stand for about 45 more years and its worker sings that she has been there for 45 years already.

Their patients also sing – they say they are happy to be in the best hospital.

“There are many hospitals around, but only this one is our home! Our destiny is forever connected with this municipal hospital!”

Be proud of the work you do!

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