5 thoughts on “Craziness, Part VIII”

  1. In reference to the first picture of the soldier heating water on an iron; this is the case with most soldiers. In the US Army we do things like this because in some places hot plates are not authorized. One of my roommates made a stand for his iron and although it took about 10 minutes longer to boil water we had coffee regularly. It’s nice to see soldiers are the same everywhere…

    • And FYI converting cars to run on train tracks is quite common. They are often used to get track insepectors and maintenance personel on track. Though nowerdays most of them are hi-rails, which are regular road vehicles with fold down rail wheels so they can drive out to where they need to be on road and then get on track.

  2. When I see some of these pictures I’m reminded of my first shocking trip to USSR in 1967. I looked around and said “My God! Is this what we are spending ourselves into bankruptcy in fear of? These poverty stricken peasants can’t build a toilet that flushes and they still use a public glass for drink vending machines. And we are told that they are ahead of us in education, missiles, technology and space and will soon rule the world if we don’t spend even more.” That’s when I realized that the “Military/Industrial Complex” was very real and very universal.

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