Crazier Than Ever!

Crazier Than Ever!

Fearless Russian guys managed to get on the roof of the highest building in Europe illegally to further climb the crane gib with no insurance. The crane they dared to climb was 380 meters (1246 ft) high!

Crazier Than Ever!

From there they could see nothing but the crane. It’s fantastic!

Crazier Than Ever!

Look down from the height of 380 meters!

Crazier Than Ever!

But the hardest was to go down from the slippery gib.

Crazier Than Ever!

Luckily it ended well this time…

via raskalov-vit

16 thoughts on “Crazier Than Ever!”

    • I had to think a minute too when I saw it, then I realized what it was for.

      The helmet is to protect his head against the material he’s climing.

      No doubt, he has hit his head more than once when doing such an unstructured climb.

      Using a helmet prevents such impacts from knocking him silly for the brief moment necessary for him to lose his grip entirely and fall that 1/4 mile.

    • Helmets protect from falling ice from above which could knock you out and send you falling down. Also looks like it is the mounting for their gopros.

      • The safety vest is needed to keep the people on the ground safe so when he falls they can see him screaming in at terminal velocity. Otherwise when the his helmeted head hits yours its going to leave a mark 🙂

  1. I hope this is not a waste, that he can find employment repairing cranes, bridges, other high structures. Others do it just for the good pay.

  2. ‘Luckily it ended well this time…’ I’m still waiting the first post, where it didnt – and i know there are a few already – although i’m not sure i’m gonna ever see one here :/

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