17 thoughts on “Command Post 906”

  1. Just think of where Russia could be now, if they had resisted Lenin and Stalin. (I know, besides dead, but I mean if they had not followed them to start with)
    They could really be a powerhouse right now, even bigger than now, much bigger.
    Marx, and Lenin, and Stalin…. has led you into ruin. Decades of waste.

  2. Someone needs to carefully RESCUE that beautiful mosaic-tile art – fast! It is original and creative – and most unusual in a military command post. Artistic Soviet sailors with free time waiting for the Apocalypse?

  3. How many of you urban new-rich neo-brats would be ready for the next western “Drang nach osten”?
    They have been building it up for 20 years time now, roughly about the time you where born. You would be too busy playing with your phones i guess….

  4. for Artyom: big thanks for the map reference.
    for ProudGerman: stick a bunch of old white men in a room to make decisions and you are guaranteed nothing good. The scale of bloodshed and social problems since ’89 is a human tragedy. The little people always get kicked in the teeth.

    • Banana, you are right. Upon reading first part of your comment, I wondered if you had found map location of 906? I am curious. – USA has many abandoned sites, places, ships also. That way we get to spend more $$$$ to keep the military corporations in the driver seat.

  5. All of that energy, material, technology wasted. Sad. But very interesting – there are American ships posted on the wall, maybe to encourage identification?

    • Well the title said it was a command post, and there were all those navy-themed mosaics – so i guess it’s not too far fetched, that it belonged to the navy, hence the pics.

  6. Give us some time, San Diego will look like that after Obama is done. Hate to say it, The USA is following the Soviets, just is taken longer.

    • Billy’s comment is the expression of a wish. Obama will be in office just 4 more years, and afterward San Diego will look gorgeous just like now (only with more traffic) and neurotic rightwing haters like Billy will be crushed with disappointment – BUT not to worry, they will find new hate objects!

    • You mean Obama might shut down those over priced, Cold War surplus, Navy bases in San Diego and force your tax payer mooching behind and back into the free market like the rest of us?

      Oh, the economic horror Billy.

  7. Does anyone know where a copy of this structure’s layout is or how to find it? I have searched online and can’t find one. It’s for a game idea, nothing major though.

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