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    • One of the worst retarded comment i ever heard from an inbreed American idiot, get a life, get educated or you will end up in one of israels wars in the middle east as cannon fodder…

      • Mark I lived there for many years. What is the problem with the statement? The roads were disgusting and they really did not have a clue how to fix correctly. And yes, I know it was done on purpose so they would have the job of fixing again the next year.

  1. It’s no wonder the roads are so bad in Russia, ashphalt is supposed to be laid down when the surface is dry so that there is no water trapped underneath.

  2. it seems gov`s thieves have idea how to spend more money – repair the roads at winter. Corruption will drive this country to ruin

  3. Russia, being a country of frost and cold, I always thought it had some special method of building and keeping it’s roads in the winter. As it turns out it does – pouring hot asphalt on snow and mud. Just brilliant…

  4. Absolute worst time of year. Our environment is extremely soggy in the wintertime. Best paving season is July-August so the asphalt is completely cured before the rainy season, otherwise it gets water in it and quickly rubbelizes over the next few years.

  5. Prior to joining the active duty army in the US I worked for a road crew with a company called Gammino Construction. Never did we pave roads on rainy snowy days. Never did we pave over puddles and mud. The one raod I remember clearly doing is the one that goes by my parents house and 30 years later its still looks new. I drove a Dynapac roller then. Sad that this work will be crap by the summer if not the spring.

  6. No offence, but why is it that everything in Russia (workmanship) is so half assed?

    And also, why couldn’t they wait until friggin’ spring to do this? That asphalt will not last 9 months.

  7. no matters how hard they are at it, russian climate will destroy that asphalt and in less than 1-2 years, they will have to do it again, again and again…

    • In Finland climate is even worst and still we can make good roads.

      Ruskies are just doing it wrong. I think it is sad. They waste so much.

  8. What people fail to understand is the true intent of the work that these pictures reveals. These people are not doing shit work because they are not capable or knowledgeable in doing good work – they are doing shit work because they exist in a system that encourages corruption and bribery at all levels. This is likely a government contract to work on the roads, given to some well-connected Russian oligarch that has a lot of influence, and likely has underworld-crime organization connections as well. This government crook probably owns, or is a partner, in the construction firm hired to do this work. Now – this corruption professional could pay the capital costs of good equipment, good training, and hire the people needed to comply with best practices and all laws pertaining to road construction. But this ‘corruption professional’ won’t, he will simply funnel the money into his company, take a huge cut for his personal gain and life of lavish luxury (probably drives imported european cars and wears imported european or american clothing), and then pay absolutely nothing for the cost of doing the actual work the right way. Even BETTER! He will have the limited resources he puts into the project spent in Winter, which will lead to a job so poor and shitty that the government will be forced to repair the road again in only a few months or years. NOW we see the brilliant plan – the oligarch funnels the money, does the job badly on purpose in a way that will fail, pockets the difference, and then goes about the cycle all again next year when the patch job fails. THIS is the essence of Russian Capitalist ‘Democracy’.

    • Yes that’s exaclty the case here, this is seen over almost all CIS countries. As you described it is a very effective way to steal budget funds or launder money. In fact I know that my country Moldova is one of Europe’s largest money laundring machine, so these things are very obvious from our point of observation, it’s an everyday thing, we don’t have pink shades over our eyes unlike many western people blinded by the media.

  9. @Wayward: Your statement is 100% right. But ia applies to other conutires also. For example all countries in Latin America. It’s a very old practice!

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