If You Like to Watch The Fire

If You Like to Watch The Fire

What can one endlessly watch?

There can be different variants:

1) burning fire, flowing water, wages being paid;

2) burning fire, flowing water, a blonde parking;

3) drug addict variant: burning water, flowing fire and a snail in a costume of a steel founder shaving;

4) burning fire, flowing water, others working.

This video is about the fire burning, and you can watch it not endlessly but for long eight minutes. Those who are more patient get a bonus in the middle of the video – a concrete slab falling.

The gas explosion took place in the city of Tomsk.

8 thoughts on “If You Like to Watch The Fire”

  1. “Burning fire, flowing water” are elemental forces in Nature humanity has been tied to for 200,000+ years; therefore, we have to look (it’s deterministic-we have no choice).

  2. The soundtrack is really cool. I can imagine ladies having tea while watching. They tell several personal stories about other disasters or things which had happened to people they know. Oh, there was some emotion when the block fell 🙂
    But likely the fire started long long ago and ladies just don’t care anymore..
    Firemen are very polite and not disrupting harmony with some frenzy action.
    One of the best videos really ! Will recommend for stress reduction.
    (interesting if the house survived in the end ?)


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