Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

“Russian Post” is the main postage service company. It often happens that many clients of the “Russian Post” are not satisfied with how they work.
This time some worker of the company has downloaded these two photos in the Internet. The video was added by someone else a bit later.
The company refuted and tried to explain the situation but many people refused to believe.

Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

“Russian Post” – each letter brings happiness!

10 thoughts on “Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!”

  1. A good thing about not living in Russia is this and the fact that no one can drive more than a mile without plowing into someone or something. BTW, someone should take that metal bar to whomever’s hamd that is until EVERY finger is broken and every bone is fractured.

  2. Hallmark of liberalism. We must all have an equal amount of stuff. And if *I* have to work at a crappy job and can’t have nice things, then neither can you. Because it’s not FAIIIRRRR!!!!!

    Liberalism, socialism, breeds wealth envy. I must have the same stuff YOU have, no matter what my education or qualifications are.

    And if I can’t, you can’t either. This is why people scratch people’s cars. I’ve seen them even piss in the gas tanks. They’re just angry, not because you own it, but because they don’t.

  3. !*£&! me…. cant they come and run the Royal Mail for us?!
    We would kill for service like that. Seriously. What we in the UK wouldnt give to have all our parcells and mail all stacked up neatly in one place.. as opposed to sent to the wrong side of the country and ransacked by underpaid workers.

    Tsk.. russia does not know when its onto a good thing. Stop complaining or we’ll let the Royal Mail will come and run it for you.

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