Freaking Trashed McDonalds Restaurant

Freaking Trashed McDonalds Restaurant

Some punks literally trashed the McDonalds place in Russia and got it on video. Warning the following preview might cause you puking outragesly so watch at your own risk. And we don’t know the fate of those employees – have they been punished, penalized or fired but they don’t hide the faces at most part so it might be both.

I am no-goer now.


18 thoughts on “Freaking Trashed McDonalds Restaurant”

    • Even thou its not first class food there’s a lot of people that would give anything to eat at least one of those fries, think about the people that don’t get any food for days…..

  1. you guyse!!!11111 – this is sekkkkzzzzi time for russians!!!11 youse didnt kn00000 dat??? this g00z on in every 25floor box of a house where ~25000 ppl live in. theres 25 boxes usually in one raj00n. so thats a lot of sekkkkkzzzzi taim!!!111

  2. i meant storey … 25 storey buildings full of cockroaches and russians .. umm no wait … full of cock roaches and cockroaches. and then, this kinda sexy taym shall persist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    kisses from romania, gypsy laaaaav

    • He died a multi millionier and his grandkids have a legacy of being millioniers…I made money in McDonalds franchises…whats your legacy? Kinkos?

  3. Funny…well not so funny. I feel bad for the owners. They spend countless hours building a franchise to have scum of the earth ass eating retards trash their place. I owned a McDonalds a LOOONG time ago and I was one of the first to have cameras set up to watch my employees. One night some of them did something like this and it cost me 2 days closed 43,000$ yeah thats what I was making every 2 days so you can say what you want about McDonalds. But the good thing is I had some really loyal employees who took it into their own hands and made sure that these idiots didn’t do it again…It was nice bringing them flowers during their hospital stay.

    • You are right! We should be dignified and drive a T90 or leopard A -A7 thru it, and preserve Russian and European culture, and prevent Eurabia and the whysosrs popculture;period!

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