Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

AeroVolga 1

Samara has many industrial companies and objects. One of them is “AeroVolga” where amphibian aircrafts are made. This company was founded in 2002 by enthusiasts. They produce amphibians in six modifications. In Russia this company has no competitors. They make twelve planes a year and are going to make more.

AeroVolga 2

“AeroVolga” is located 40 km from Samara.

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The plane capable to take off and land either on the ground or on water can perform many functions: they carry passengers and cargos, provide emergency medical care in remote areas, patrol borders, help in emergency situations, protect forests, extinguish fires, work in the spheres of recreation and tourism.

AeroVolga 4

There is an aero-club on the territory.

AeroVolga 6

AeroVolga 7

The planes are made in two hangars.

AeroVolga 8

LA-8 doesn’t have so many metal details. Some of them are produced right here, others are bought from other places (engines, gears etc.).

AeroVolga 9

Some parts turned out to be so expensive so it became reasonable to launch their own production.

AeroVolga 10

AeroVolga 11

It might sound strange but the main material an amphibian is made of is high density foam plastic.

AeroVolga 12

Here they make main parts of airplanes – wings, tails, cockpit bottoms.

AeroVolga 13

Two parts of the tail will be connected.

AeroVolga 14

This is the wing.

AeroVolga 15

Fuel tanks for 400 litres are inside the wing.

AeroVolga 16

Special material covers the foam plastic to make it rigid but light. Some layers of special durable foam plastic are used for making those parts which are subject to heavy loads, such as a bottom.

AeroVolga 17

Here they cut and polish various details.

AeroVolga 18

AeroVolga 19

These are two halves of the bottom.

AeroVolga 20

Many pieces of foam plastic are connected together and pierced with needles. The process is pretty complicated and demands high accuracy.

AeroVolga 21

Now the company has an ambitious plan to make a round-the-world flight on its own plane.

AeroVolga 22

They have already started to make the plane. It’s gonna be more powerful and bigger. It will be fuelled for 4000 km (while LA-8 is fuelled for 1200 km).

AeroVolga 23

AeroVolga 24

The workers are making details from foam plastic.

AeroVolga 25

Seats are made from foam plastic too.

AeroVolga 26

The salary of workers is about 1 000 USD.

AeroVolga 27

AeroVolga 28

The chassis is to be tested first.

AeroVolga 29

Three units of LA-8 are being assembled at the moment.

AeroVolga 30

AeroVolga 31

AeroVolga 32

The planes are equipped with engines made in Czech Republic or America.

AeroVolga 33

AeroVolga 34

A few words about the main characteristics of the aircraft LA-8C: eight seats, including the pilot’s one, payload 950 kg, taking off speed 90 km / h, cruising speed of 250 km / h, fuel consumption is 70 l / h, flight range 1300 km. One plane costs 30 million rubles (1 million dollars). The company plans to reduce the cost up to 25 million, as the production expands.

AeroVolga 35

AeroVolga 36

AeroVolga 37

They also have a design department in the separate building.

AeroVolga 38

AeroVolga 39

AeroVolga 40

AeroVolga 41

AeroVolga 42

This plane belongs to one of the workers.

AeroVolga 44

This is the old mobile control point.

AeroVolga 45

They are going to build one more hangar for winter storage of planes.

AeroVolga 46

It’s not only the monument, this plane is here to test how its body survives heat, frosts and rains.

AeroVolga 47

They hope that regional aviation will further develop in the country which is so important for such a big country as Russia.

Location: Samara

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  1. I can not remember what channel it was on but I saw a documentare about some people who flew rescue in Canada or Alaska and in one scene they flew low over a river to let the wievers see the wrecks of amphibious aircraft along the riverbanks. The pilot who flew the crew commented that Planes that land on water are ok, so are planes that land on land.
    But as soon as you try to do both, you’re in trouble, it does not matter what form of safety you build into the plane, how many control devices and warning lights you have.
    Sooner or later some idiot pilot will try to land on water with the wheels down, or on land with the wheels up.

  2. It’s a beautiful aircraft, and I do wish them success. It is essentially a large “foamie”, that can carry 8 people. If they can knock the price down to $500,000.00 (150,000.00 Rubles), that will be seen at small airports all ove r the planet. The plane is sort of the same idea as the early Beriev aircraft (Be-8), or the Grumman Goose, but with modern engines, and materials and instruments. There is still a market, especially in the central US and Canada. Hope to see them at Air Venture sometime soon, as well.


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