9 thoughts on “Bears of Kuril Lake, Part II”

  1. I admire bears such intelligent animal not just in the wild: also a real funny domesticated one too; But for now we must congratulate the photograph for lovely pictures; which proved how intelligent the bears are, the problem stay into. When you love something you must continue studding: like women, family and most of all Nature the only ‘one responsible for such wonders of marvelous visions. But humans being even so by being part of Nature on Earth; his one of the most destructs living creature, which could create many problems for the others and for themselves too. Many times I feel so bad about them; which because of hatred, greed and jealousy, the Earth is so sick with humans help will die and life also vanish. I wish then we all be bears? 19-11-2012! By A.Oscar

  2. Petition the Russian government to ban people to the likes of Ted Nugent to hunt and kill these beautiful creatures in Kamchatka. In other words, prosecute poachers to the fullest extent of the laws.

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