Tweets of the Russian Soldier

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

One guy volunteered to serve in the army himself. He was dreaming to shoot life in the army, beautifully describe it, maybe even make a movie. Others told him he was crazy, tried to deter him. But he, being 25, finally came to the military unit and became an airborne soldier.

Reality turned out to be different. Soldiers could not have anything their own: neither a professional camera, nor personality. The only thing he managed to have was a cheap snapshot camera which was often hidden almost in his pants.

So these photos do not belong to him, they are here to make the general impression.

Welcome to the Russian army as it is!

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“We lay the table for the officers. There are twenty of them, twenty litres of vodka, fifteen soldiers are in the barracks. This night promises to be “fun”.

“I am afraid to sleep next to the drunken mad people.”

“They made us wake up twice, wanted to form us.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Some heavy thing fell on the guy’s hand. His two fingers are broken, two nails are pulled out. Officers are treating him with hydrogen peroxide”.

“I am not at home yet, but not in the army already. I am somewhere in between. I am afraid of going crazy.”

“I never shot for four months, but tore dandelions three times”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I found rat droppings in my rice. I thought it was mud but then noticed poison in the corner of the canteen.”

“I am sitting, drinking tea, watching the young soldier working”. “Everyone is sleeping but me. The officer forced me to make a statement on weapons.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“The time is 1:30 a.m. We have to get up in four hours to endure our service on.”

“Daily anguish from breakfast to lunch. Again and again I wish I hadn’t come here”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“My feet stink all the time. Neither soap nor socks can help me. I am so tired of insanitary conditions”.

“We should get 1 kg of cookies, 0,5 kg of sweets a month. And of course we aren’t given anything. Though we see the packages.”

“I have four hours before getting up again. But I am still awake”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“If I had such food at school I would start thinking about girls much later”.

“Today was the day of the biggest punishment. All the body is in pain”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I was paiting the office at night. I want to sleep but not allowed to. All the body is in bruises”.

“I’ve got enough sleep at last for these four days. This day promises to be calm”.

“Soldiers keep working at the gingerbread factory. We can’t eat cakes anymore…”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“We were shown a military movie. Everyone wants to go to war now. Brainwashing as it is.”

“I am injected and bandaged so I cannot step on my foot at all.”

“For the first time it has become a problem to pretend to be working to avoid real hard work.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“It is terribly cold! I can’t put an ankle boot on my sick finger. So I have to wear slippers. My feet are always cold.”

“Mom has been here. She’s brought some food. While I was going to the barracks with the bag it got empty. When people see food they get mad.”

“We are having a retreat for 1,5 hours. Respect to captain.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Today is an exceptional day! The day without punishments. Hallelujah!”

“It’s suspiciously quiet start of the day. We are going to work in the fields. In such horrible weather!!!” “How nice it was to be civilian! Freedom is the most precious thing. Now I understand how small all my civilian problems were.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Probably the main love of your life is not someone whom you promise to love forever. But the one you remember when you hear stupid songs about love.”

“When my colleagues see my Tweets I gonna be killed”. “Petty officer reminded me about my debt again. I’d better be hit in my face than give anything to this scum”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Mom is already on the seashore. Either my girlfriend or my pal is also there. I have nobody to write to, so I write to Twitter.”

“Petty officer is on duty today. He won’t let us sleep”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I got enough sleep. There are no officers here today so I am watching cartoons and drinking coffee.”

“Officer took all our bank cards away. Though it was him who had given them to us a month before. Well I won’t see my salary of 500 rubles (16 dollars) anymore”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“They will get 14 000 (almost 500 dollars) from all the cards!!! In a month there will be 80 soldiers in the comany and the sum will amount to 40 000 (1330 dollars). All officers have foreign cars”.

“My assistant is a dumb***. It’s hard to keep the promise given to myself not to be violent in the army.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“In the end of the week our battalion will go to the fields for work. Fifteen soldiers will stay. This is how I lived in July and half of August”.

“My assistant is a real looser, his bad reputaion affects my status. And my injured foot doesn’t let me protect myself in full force.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I am going to bed late again. When I come home I will have pouches under my eyes and I will look much older”.

“My assistant has been severely beaten. It would happen anyway. He will have to endure this for ten months more.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Our battalion is working in the fields. But I can rest now. We’ll see what will happen”.

“My colleagues were here, they do not believe my stories about the army, call me a lier”. “I was appointed to be senior, one guy is jealous and wants everything to look the way as if I am constantly wrong.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Company commander will be here tomorrow. He promised to hit me in my face if I stay here longer than it should be”.

“They keep asking in the hospital why everyone from our regiment has so many bruises”. “There are ten of us in the ward. We’ve been together for ten days. Five thousand rubles was stolen from one of us, some part of it was planted at my place as if it was me who stole it”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“We have cars, drugstores, computers, freedom – it’s more than needed for happiness. But I don’t know happy people. Poor fat pigs”.

“We have a Nazi captain in the regiment. Once I saw his bag with the sign “shwp”, and his jacket with a German flag”. “When officers were drinking I heard him saying about the cleaness of the nation and quoting “Mein Kampf”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“How can I eat THIS? Cockroaches on the smelly meat. In the morning soldiers will fight for this sh*t.”

“I want to be properly understood. I got used to the service as much as one can get used to life in the wolf pack”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I write this all not to complain. But to let you know that despite the information in mass media, life in the army doesn’t change”.

“My friend has visited me today. Thank you, man, for food and cigarettes”.
“One more meaningless day is coming to the end. I have 194 more ahead”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I won’t say where I serve. I can suffer much for my Tweets. One of our company commanders has a very influential father”.

“My commander decided I owed him 300 rubles before I got ill. Then this sum rose to 500 rubles…”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Tap water in summer at the temperature of 40C, after six hours of parachute packing, I haven’t tasted anything better in my life”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“The result of the half-year service: I haven’t shot, haven’t had forced marches. There were three jumps with a parachute only because we were paid 200 rubles for each”.

“I didn’t get this money, of course, as well as other numerous colleagues of mine. But all officers left for vacations”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“For smoking in the toilet we were polishing the toilet for two hours. Though they didn’t have to beat us”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

One guy is hiding from the service in the hospital. He’s been here for eight months already. He was beaten by one old-timer, so the guy sued him and went to the hospital”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

They think they will come back home, their friends and girlfriends are waiting for them. But most of them have more chances to be imprisoned”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“I look at these bastards and see their despite. After each hit I want them all to burn in the hell. Horrible thoughts.”

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

“Officers are sleeping in the office after the night booze”.

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

Tweets of the Russian Soldier

The author of the texts is said to be from Tula. All his Tweets have been deleted and he himself is missing now.

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  1. Hardly the spirit that kept the fascists from overrunning Russia in every war since Napoleon, but as it will turn out, this is obviously a cheap propaganda stunt from the infected Soros western wannabee brats in Moscow.

    • Real soldiers do not pray for war, they want to defend their home country, they are patriots not crazy people who go tó the army because government pays for it (e.g. in U.S).
      Real leaders respect life!

  2. Some of these photos are a decade old. The tweets are BS. Nothing matches the captions. Life in the Russian army is tough true, but then the Russian army is one of the toughest around.

    • Actually there was US military personell involved in the South-Ossetia conflict in 2008. An AFAIK it was the Americans and their Georgian junior partners running away from the Russians. They even found african-american´s dead bodies disguised in Georgian uniforms, but with their American ID cards.

    • Major part of U.S soldiers are the poorest people in the society, army is just a way to get support for the family, but what happens after service?? U get home do not have any source of money anymore, poor rehabilitation is offered..depression occurs etc. Are u proud?

    • Russian soldiers afraid of an USA Army soldier only in Hollywood movies.
      Russian soldier know that the USA Army soldier is weak in real combat.

    • Roofius dont be an idiot the USA dosent give a damn about Russia any more. Theyre too busy with the middle east.
      Its a heartbreaking article.

  3. In Russia prime, a level of harsh treatment makes sense – if you have a truly massive conscription level. The logic being that of the tens of thousands of conscripts you are looking for the few gems among them who can be drafted into the heavy hitter units; then the conscripts go their on their way, and are of no further use.
    UK / USA SOF selection only tests a few hundred a year.
    The huge old USSR system could test tens of tens of thousands of men every year; resulting in hyper elite “tier zero” units like Vympel. In my opinion the old USSR special forces had some of the most amazing SOF men of all time, becuase the difficuly could be so high, and the intake so huge.
    And SOF unit is as good as its intake size, as a ratio of the pass rate.

    • Well. In 2008, things were a lot worse off than they are now, and they had to fight someone. Guess what, they won.

      Not to mention that before that, we fought another war (actually a series of wars) in the Kavkaz. Guess what, we won (eventually). Might wanna stop believing ER captions. In case you haven’t noticed, the captions don’t match anything in the pictures (in fact its mostly the complete opposite).

  4. Hello. I’m the author of this shoots. Text, written under photos is not correct and not mine. If you want to keep post, please delete text under photos – I can give you my own.

  5. It doesn’t surprise me in a Country that still worships mass-killer Stalin.
    Such duty service is nothing but an invitation to whole life of corruption.
    The wolves treat each other much better. I feel so sorry for these guys.

  6. A male is just cannon fodder so a cruel training for him is ok! A male has the duty to serve his Country in the best way. Pain and toil are very good for the male flesh. The Russian conscription is a good example for the other nations and dedovshchina is useful for young men, because women deserve real men. A woman deserves to have a beast well trained to her service. Stop criticizing the situation of male conscripts in the russian Army, we need to care about the women’s rights in Russia. I’m a male and I care about women, like every real man.

  7. OK, so if these soldiers are Russian, why are they wearing Belaruss flags on their berets? I think this article is fake or something very important is missing!!!

  8. Respect! Eastern Armies are the best ones because they use to draft every boy and then to train him very cruelly, as cannon fodder. So every boy becomes a manly soldier for his Country. Every male should be trained as cannon fodder in the world, so I wish a similar draft in my Country too.

    • Yes. Professional army is good for colonial wars with weak enemy.
      A conscript army is good for war with a powerful enemy to defeat him.

  9. Military life is a kind of hypnosis. It starts with music military….then flags and then the numerous ribbons they pin on you. You think you ‘re special. Pretty soon you’re hooked.

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