Bat Vs Knife

Bat Vs Knife

We are not sure what exactly is happening here but a guy with a bat is seriously angry with the guy with a knife. Did you know that bats are almost never used for sport in Russia? Yeah, they are mostly used for fighting in the streets.

Some baseball is followed by some catch-up playing! Do not go in for sports this way!

8 thoughts on “Bat Vs Knife”

  1. you know what’s strange? Part of me was thinking “he didn’t use his knife much”. You know you spend too much time on the net…

  2. Interesting that a truly American sport, “Baseball” should be so popular in Russia. I understand that baseball bats sell great in Russia, but baseball gloves and balls do not. I wonder why?

  3. All of “English Russia” film clips make Russians look really bad. It appears these skateboarders provoked this man of Asian decent. That’s why Americans carry guns, and aren’t afraid to use them.

  4. Baseball isn’t popular in Russia because Russian youth for some odd reason (ninja movies and Spetznutz movies) believe that martial arts and climbing unreasonably tall buildings and walking out on the rigging is better. It all makes me laugh especially since American kids thought that ninjas and karate was great 30 years ago. The funniest thing was watching the video of the Russian soldier doing the triple back flip and throwing the “throwing knife” at a wood target. All well and good if you are going to be attacked by Ringling Brothers Circus not so good if your enemy is moving and firing at you.

  5. Have your team mate throw a knife at you and make sure it sticks in to you. You can sell almost any item at a flea market if the price is right. That will make us far superior to even the humans who may ride horses but share no spirit with them.

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