6 thoughts on “Nice To Live In the Soviet Country, Part II”

  1. So buck naked children playing and laying spread eagle on the beach is apparently OK, but God forbid they let us see a woman’s nipple.

      • On English Russia, yes it is. They censor them for fear of losing advertising $$$. Apparently their corporate sponsors must be fine with spread eagle nude children though! lol

        Relax i’m not a prude nor am i offended by innocent children. I am amused that a website that bends over backwards to be prudishly conservative and “safe for work” for their corporate sponsors then turns around and post pictures of naked children without a second thought.

  2. If living in USSR was so great, why did people did USSR build wall through my country of Germany?

    Why did they machine gun down people trying to escape East Germany?

    Why was speech against Communist Govenment met with death sentence or 20 years hard labor in Gulag?

    Sounds like propaganda.


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