13 Old Moscow Photo Collection

Old Moscow Photo Collection

Last week we showed you a nice set of pictures of the Russian capital before the revolution. Today it
is turn of color photographs of old capital. The previous photo collection can be found here.
10 Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

"Russian Post" is the main postage service company. It often happens that many clients of the "Russian Post" are not satisfied with how they work. This time some worker of the company has
downloaded these two photos in the Internet. The video was added by someone else a bit later. The company refuted and tried to explain the situation but many people refused to believe.

17 Sarcophagus For the Exclusion Zone

Sarcophagus For the Exclusion Zone

A huge sarcophagus is being built at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. When the work is finished in 2015, the great arch structure will be taken to the existing "Shelter" on rails and fixed over it. During the first stage of assembly works about
5000 tons of steel was lifted at the height of twenty two meters (72 ft). When fully assembled the sarcophagus dimensions are 257 x 164 x 110 meters (843 x 538 x 361 ft). Its total weigh is going to be about 20 000 tons.
5 The Mines Overgrown With Legends

The Mines Overgrown With Legends

This place is overgrown with legends. Locals say that it's the whole net of mines through which one can get from one settlement to another; people haven't come to one of the mines for 80
years, as they say. Besides, a huge shelter was allegedly built in case of nuclear war in those mines. But we are going to come down and see the mines with our own eyes.
2 Karlsson In the City!

Karlsson In the City!

What a weird vehicle was noticed in the city of Nizhny Novgorod! It looks we have found Karlsson
himself! The driver, author of the video, neglected the rules to shoot the weird vehicle.
10 Dwellers of Kamchatka, Part III

Dwellers of Kamchatka, Part III

We are back in Kamchatka and at Kuril lake to see some more beautiful wild landscapes and local
dwellers. We have shown many bears of Kamchatka to you. Today you are going to see more foxes.
18 When I Was a Soviet Student

When I Was a Soviet Student

Universities then and universities today are two different things. Students of those years had other types of entertainments,
different hobbies and even different expression of their eyes! Some photos of Soviet students are presented below.

10 The Uzbek Dish For Your Table: Mastava

The Uzbek Dish For Your Table: Mastava

Uzbek cuisine is like mathematics, it is endless for learning and it doesn't fit into any books. Mastava is one
of Uzbek dishes which is not often mentioned. But it deserves some attention. Shal we cook it right now?
0 Be Polite On the Roads!

Be Polite On the Roads!

Sometimes other drivers can revenge you if you are not too polite on the roads. But even if you don't do
anything wrong you can make others mad as well. For example a bottle can be thrown at your car or something.
5 Russia In Miniature

Russia In Miniature

It is like the biggest and the best toy for a kid! And though we once showed some photos of this we have some more today. The unique museum in St. Petersburg does not leave anyone indifferent. The
Grand Model of Russia is a miniture with the area of 800 square meters, more than two kilometers of railways, fourty control computers, thirty buttons launching interactive scenes.

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