Extreme Takeoff of An 24

Extreme Takeoff of An 24

This is An-24 plane that is trying to take off on the very very muddy runway. It seems that it won’t manage but it keeps moving and splashing all this mud around.

The video was taken in Bodaybo, the Irkutsk region.

And this is the same plane and the video taken from inside of it (better start watching from the second minute):

Maybe if the plane could think by itself it would never come back.

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  1. Russian equipment is expected to work under some of the most awful conditions known to man. It’s why several of the military jets have landing gear with extreme amounts of travel and FOD doors on the intakes. Looks like it takes manly men without glass balls to be a pilot. The US has similar, they’re known as Alaskan Bush Pilots.

    • I was thinking that. Those pilots must have backsides made of steel and a lot of confidence in their aircraft to just shrug off all that fishtailing on the take off.

  2. That is why they made An-24s 🙂
    Also the 1st and the 2nd video are from two different occasions.
    There’s snow in the first and green in the second.

  3. Smile. Bodaibo this poor town in Siberia. Since 1864 gold is mined here. In 2013, produced 21 tons, but on concrete for the airport it was not enough. Everything went off in Sochi. By the way, these aircraft and carry gold, because no other roads.

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