Bumper Crime In Russia

Bumper Crime In Russia

It’s not always drivers who are to blame for accidents. Sometimes it’s pedestrians who provoke them to happen. All the people you are going to see in this video were looking for some troubles or even for death on the roads.

The Russian laws are rather strict to those who run into people. A driver has to compensate the harm caused in an accident even if his / her fault is not proved. In such cases it’s almost impossible to prove anything…

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  1. I remember when auto insurance became mandatory in Russia. It took less than a week for people to figure out how to commit insurance fraud.

    It was better in the old days when everyone carried around a bunch of cash and in the event of an accident they just paid the other party right there.

    • Having a dash cam is a must in Russia and other ex-soviet states, as inadequate driving and different fraud schemes are a common thing, also there’s the problem with corrupt jury system.

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