Miraculous Survival of the Girl Driver

Miraculous Survival of the Girl Driver

The girl at the wheel of this car seems to have nerves of steel, she didn’t make a sound during the scary accident. This is what may happen if drivers do not fix their cargo well. That metal beam could easily kill the girl.

Luckily the metal beam was too low to kill the girl. After the accident her car was wrecked so much that no repair shops agreed to restore it.

The guys are looking for troubles on the road and think it’s funny.

One hit – three cars!

Girl acrobat fails to show the trick…

…As well as this guy.

4 thoughts on “Miraculous Survival of the Girl Driver”

  1. Instead of honking your horn and expecting the other drivers to stop for you try slowing down and stopping. Just wondering do you guys teach defensive driving?

  2. Guys, the amount of advertising in your embedded videos is far beyond reasonable now. Quit this shit, seriously, I’m kind of tired to watch this “werewolf” trailer over and over.


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