Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

They continue building new metro stations in the Moscow Region. Sometimes it’s quite interesting to see the process of huge details mounting. A tunnel boring machine, for example.

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

This “Liebherr” has a 500 tons lifting capacity.

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

The rotor is still hanging on the hook.

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

This is a space between the shield and the rotor.

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

The rotor is red and white.

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

Let’s see its details closer…

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

…and closer…

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

… and even more closer…

Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring

The works are going to continue till the end of October.

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24 thoughts on “Mega Mechanism For Tunnel Boring”

  1. A Liebherr crane and a Herrenknecht tunnelling machine. German industrial SME´s are actually making good business in Russia. Now lets see when the first Russian machine works in Germany.

      • But not as an export vehicle, or did Hitler buy the T34s from Stalin 🙂

        Anyway, a nation that build great tanks, planes, the sputnik and the czar bomba, could also come up with something more useful that can be exported. But 70s of planned economy have done lots of harm. Without oil and gas, Russia would be hopeless.
        Here in Germany whole areas live only from firms like those exporting products to the global markets. Whenever I travel I am just amazed how many German products I find abroad.
        Now I am wondering why there is no commercialization of technology from Russia (with a few exceptions).

        • Price/quality judging from some of the exports i’ve seen in the United States. Like LOMO optical products. World renown optics in a nicely finished spotting scope, expect for one part of it that looks like it was finished with a hammer and chisel. WTF??? lol

          Importing products from Russia is somewhat of a crap shoot. Let’s face it. Russia isn’t known for it’s world class products, and the less then world class ones we can already get cheaper from China.

          What Russia has that the rest of the world wants is natural resources, military equipment, and women. That’s their export market.

          • What are American exports? Let me think…what was it again? I-Phones? Oh no, they are actually developed and made by Taiwanese Foxconn! Cars? Oh yes, that was a good one (who wants an American car today?)! The last things you guys exported were terror, wars and the US debt that will enslave You eternally to Your Saudi and Beijing creditors. So Salam aleikum and Ni Hao dear Cowboy!

            • lol,You obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about and sound foolish, and i’m not going to waste my time humoring you. Believe whatever you want. It is of no consequence.

            • What American exports? How about Mercedes automobiles for starters. Enjoy riding around Germany in your Tuscaloosa, Alabama built M-Class, R-Class, GL-Class and soon to be C-Class and the next-gen R-Class and G-Class. Made in America, exported to your beloved Germany.

              Guten Abend, dear Frits! 😉

          • “What Russia has that the rest of the world wants is natural resources, military equipment, and women. ”

            Yes, the women again. Says the guy who has a president whose name is Barak Hussein because his American mother couldn´t hold it :).

        • Sir, i’m just astonished with how ignorant and contradictory your comment is.
          70s of planned economy actually made Russia into an industrial country: with tanks, space technology and everything. Russia did not normally import german tunneling machinery, because it had it’s own tunneling shields, untill a bunch of greedy traitors made a bloody revolution in 80—90s which killed a lot of people and most of the Russian industry as well.

          • The planned economy was only good when it in defense, where all parameters were clearly set. But in all other areas it just did not bring about competitive products, except raw materials. If there would have been private enterprise today Russia would be much richer.

          • Greedy traitors? In Soviet times there was no realistic cost calculation of the true cost to manufacture products. I thought the reason Russia turned to so many imported brands of equipment post Soviet Union is that it became abundantly clear that Russian industry was woefully unprofitable and unable to compete with their foreign competitors on price and quality. A testament to just what a failure the planned economy of the Soviet Union was. It was not economically viable at all. As soon as communism collapsed so did many of the businesses that depended on it for their survival.

        • Lol. Do you know what is required to make all those fancy stuff that you make in Germany? Raw materials. Without it you don’t have shyte.

          Sorta like how you mock agriculture. Thats what’s providing you with your food. Lol. Ungrateful is what you are. 😀

          • I never mocked agriculture. In fact, those who have good soil will make fortunes in the next decades because of rising food prices. But yes, it would be good to see Russia develop a competitive industry, since that would boost its people´s living standard.
            Raw materials are nice, but they are subject to exhaustion and to massive price fluctuation. Besides it pollutes the environment. The firm Herrenknecht, that makes these tunneling machines is actually located in the black forest area of Germany, a holiday resort area. The firm maybe has some 2,500 people, most of them locally and pays pretty decent wages and has a very low fluctuation. Without such firms Germany would look like the US.

            • And of course by just exporting raw materials you lose substantial parts of the value creation chain. Let me give you an example: mining metals is one thing, but the value creation is quite low if the prices are not sky high. But using that metal and building machines, cars or planes out of it adds much more value, hence profit and welfare, to the country. That is why some of the riches countries have no raw materials but do have strong manufacturing. What happens to a rich nation that loses the ability to manufacture things can be seen in the US. Today it is only rich in aggregate because the many millionaires and billionaires from Wallstreet and old money raise the average income, but the normal American gets kicked out of his house and moves into a tent city and has no chance to find a job because there is none.

                • Not that it doesn´t have any. But it doesn´t have enough. There are so many sectors its machine building and automotive industry is still lagging behind due to underinvestment and many other things. Building these things is not such a science. Basically Russian engineers can develop the knowledge and come with better and cheaper products.

  2. @ America.

    Dude lol, the M-class mercedes and other models that are being made in the US are also made in Mexico and India. So USA is now also considered a cheap labour market (at least for cars). Russia also makes Audi, BMW and other German cars so what ? The technology is GERMAN and because some models are being produced in the states says nothing.

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