11 thoughts on “Cool Dancing Flashmob”

  1. The Police are not real, well they at least new what was going on before hand. Russian police never pull up and park there cars like on the video…

  2. that was a nice change. I was stating to think that all videos on Russia were USSR, fist fighting and/or car crashes.I think this videos shows that oestrogen is non-violent and likes to do mating rituals to get attention to ensure preferredoff spring.

  3. As a Latvian born in the U.S., I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your site.

    Is there ANY WAY possible you can send me the original video of the flashmod in Novosibirsk. I’ve had a really bad week this week….and this video changed my mood…I need this on my phone!

    Also, do you have ANY idea what the song is they are dancing to????

    Thanks for your amazing site!



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